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Playing VNs on a 13 inch laptop?

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I am getting a damn good deal on the Dell XPS 13 but I have never used a 13 inch laptop. I went to the dell store today and I felt that 13 inches is too small. I own a pretty good gaming PC so I only want a laptop for it's portability making the Dell XPS 15 an overkill.
So the main point of discussion is that I want to be able to play my VNs on the go but will a 13 inch screen be enough or should I look for a completely different laptop from a different manufacturer with a 15 inch screen?  https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/
I would be glad if someone who actually uses a 13 inch laptop shares his opinion with me.

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It's really up to one's taste, but I don't think many people have problems reading VNs in Switch's portable mode or on a tablet, so a 13 inch laptop should also be absolutely fine. I know it would be for me (I had a loptop of this size, but it died tragically, drowned in tea by my mother), you usually sit a bit closer to the screen with a laptop than with a desktop PC and not many VNs even have the art resolution to make use of a really large screen without looking a bit iffy.

IMO 2D art can often look sharper and more pleasing on a smaller device, but maybe it's just me...

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I did consider 14 inch screen when I decided to get the new laptop, and thus my new laptop here is 14 inch. That said, 13 inch screen should be enough for almost all of VN seeing that usually VN didn't ask for the requirement when it come to display the game. The only exception that I can only think of are Pulltop's VNs (ie Konosora, Koiresort, and Miagete), and even then the requirement was only at 1280x720. So yeah 13 inch screen should be sufficient to play the VNs here, as long as it capable to display 1280x720 pixel here in case you've been wanted to play the aforementioned Pulltop's VNs as well.

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My laptop is 12.5 inches, and in my opinion it's just about perfect for reading VNs. The dimensions are high enough that you aren't squinting at your screen, but low enough that 720p VNs (i.e. most translated VNs) don't look blurry due to upscaling.

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