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Visual novel/eroge with an older woman

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As the title says, I'm looking for a visual novel/eroge with an older woman. I know there are thousands of eroge with older women, but I'd like something with a romance story as well, not only sex. It doesn't matter if it's not translated, you can recommend anything.

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How do you define "older"? Older than the protagonist? in her 30s? 40s? Well, from the ones I've read:

 - Masumi in Kazoku Keikaku (Family Project)

- Margit in Majikoi S

 - Misato in Yukizakura

 - Ayame and Kaori in Crescendo

 - Ayumi, Kaori, Mitsuki and Eriko in YU-NO

 - Nanako in Sakura Sakura

 - most of the heroines in Mugen Yasoukyoku (Nocturnal Illusion) - Mistress, Miwako, Maya, Sari and Yukina

- Ayame from Konosora could perhaps qualify too (she's few years older than the protagonist)

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Houkago no Futekikakusha

Nanairo Reincarnation (the cop heroine is about four years older)

Akagoei 3 has several heroines that are older than Kaito

Akeiro Kaikitan


Suisei Ginka

Sakura, Sakimashita (buchou is a LOT older than she looks, lol)

Draculius (Belche)



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