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I have a question for the people here living with their girlfriend/wife


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On 10/14/2018 at 11:02 AM, Kirashi said:

It's a hard choice, I thought about to tell her, but she is the kind of person that would "accept" without saying too much at first hand, then use it as a weapon when we have an argument. That's the kind of person she is.

You know your life better than any of us man, but... I'm starting to worry that VNs might be the least of your problems in this relationship. 

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I'm a woman married to a guy, originally when we met I had played a few smaller VNs and he played a ton of larger ones. Now, 6 years later, I've read tons more than him! If your gf cares that you are playing VNs then maybe you aren't compatible. It would be understandable if you were reading extreme content that not everyone is okay with, but otherwise you can just explain to her that it's like reading books but with images and music, etc. That's how I explain it irl.

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      I can't really offer much commentary different from what others have already put forward, and some of it was really good advice. Just to comment in general though, I feel like relationships should be a little more trusting and open. By this point, hopefully you're both well-aware of each other's hobbies and what each other does for fun. I would suggest something additional: talk about it. Talk about them like you would to a friend whose already somewhat into it. Of course, if she's really out of the loop it makes it hard, but if you try too much from a "I have to explain this" standpoint instead of a "Here's a cool think I'm into!" it already sets a bad tone I think. Either way, it would probably work out best if you two feel comfortable and enjoy talking about these things with each other, and taking interest in each other's hobbies and opinions. Try doing the same to her, and bring out what she has interest in during these conversations, it makes the overarching point a little clearer I think.

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