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The Legend Of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel Discussion Thread


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1 hour ago, Novel21 said:

Same here Kirashi:)

Does somebody know When The Legend Of Heroes Trails Of Cold Steel 2 comes out here in West?

I want to finish playing The Legend Of Heroes Trails Of Cold Steel before 2 comes out:D

The release is currently slated for September 9th this year if no delays end up happening.

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5 hours ago, Jade said:

Currently stalling to play this game cause I'm salty about the romance :sachi:

Probably gonna start binge playing it again sometime soon tho


Oh wait, you are a Laura fan right?


HWSad1g.gif (90×72)


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Towa's great, when she just casually mentioned that she personally delivered the Student Council Tasks to Rean's mailbox first thing in the morning on Free Days on her way to school even though Class VII's dorm is in the opposite direction, I just wanted to give her a big ol hug :sachi:

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On 3/28/2016 at 9:48 AM, Tyrosyn said:

Rean is Jesus, as you will see in Cold Steel 2. Also, every third NPC tells him how awesome he looks and every single female character has the hots for him. Not to mention his POWERS!!11. How is this not totally a chuunibyou self-insert?


XSeed themselves acknowledged that Falcom wanted them to release Cold Steel before any of the other entries of the series (3rd, Zero, Ao) although it's retarded because Cold Steel spoilers everything else.

Total necro!  Bad form, I know, but I couldn't resist.

Actually, it has more to do with the fact that Cold Steel is Vita/PS3 only, and the PS3 is already dead and the Vita is rapidly becoming a sick joke in America.  If they waited until after Crossbell had new PC ports created, the Vita would be dead, making Cold Steel hard to justify.  Whereas Crossbell already needs to be ported to PC, so it doesn't have a sell-by date.

Also, while your complaints about Rean are sort of justified, I find it odd that you're saying Trails in the Sky was so much better.  Literally everything you said about Rean also applies to Joshua.  How many girls had the hots for him?  Joshua doesn't even just have powers, the powers come with an


oh so troubled past and a so very dark dark side.  Not troubled or dark


enough to negatively affect the story, mind; just enough to make him seem cool and dangerous.

That doesn't make him a bad character.  Joshua is one of the better characters I've seen in quite some time.  Tropes are tools.  Some people use the tools well.  Others don't.  By and large, I think Trails is using the tools well.

I do agree that Cold Steel is my least favorite of the three available in English so far.  I'm still dying for more.

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Wtf, when I first played Trails of Cold Steel I was like "aww man, now gotta wait 4 months 'til Cold Steel II comes out"

But apparently it's coming out on September 6 for NA, that's only 3 weeks away!@# http://gematsu.com/2016/08/legend-heroes-trails-cold-steel-ii-launches-september-6-north-america

Still TBA for EU though :rimu:


The most hype thing about II is Towa btw :wub:

kisekitowa_150623.jpg (640×360)

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