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29 minutes ago, ヤミハナ said:

I think this is the best post for me to do some more of my......special work. Thank you guys for telling me your waifus. Oh, and don't be sad if your waifu is not answering your calls. They're probably having a day off or something. Don't worry, they're safe. I can gurantee that. :sachi: :illya:

Hah. I'm my waifu, so you can't steal her. 

Selfcest = win.



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Oh wow, there's actually a thread for this. 

I mostly agree with what Ariurotl said, like, over a year ago. I only use the term to describe a character I would probably have a crush on if she were real (dunno if it means we'd be compatible, but whatever. It's just speculation anyway)



Miya's simply the best; boundlessly enthusiastic, carefree tomboy glutton. Looks great wearing anything.

Or possibly for a character that I find extremely aesthetically pleasing, regardless of their personality



Yes, both of them. I'd bang the count like there was no tomorrow. Haydee is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in fiction.


I haven't even watched Monogatari beyond Bake episode 3, but Ononoki fascinates me.


Wouldn't be complete without Yumemi, of course. Though I remember and love her more for her personality, her interactions with and beliefs about the things around her and the ideas she symbolizes, her character design and voice acting also had me hooked from the very beginning.


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We're not limited to Animu/VNs, right?



Tattletale of Worm (the pic is a fanart because it's a web novel and thus no canon graphic depiction).

She has the super power of super intuition, having the ability to extrapolate an incredible wealth of inference from the smallest trace of data - a.k.a Sherlock on crack - she can guess people's passwords just by glancing at them. She's very loyal to her friends, and despite somewhat jerkass attitude against her enemies - what with the offensive application of her power being pretty much "break them by talking", has arguably the kindest heart among the main cast.

Also, asexual, due to information overload during sex.:salt:

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