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  1. Finished plastic memories - never cried as much to an anime before
  2. Forgive me if there was already a thread like this and my english. As the topic states, what type of medium makes you hook/attach/immerse in the most(doesn't have to be otaku-related)? (manga,anime,literature,light novel,visual novel,movie,TV series, etc.) A medium that you can read/watch all day/week without realizing the sun has rise/set and you may probably think about it all the time while you do something else.
  3. 1. Popular title - Not so long 2. Since it is originated as an anime, adding H-scenes will ruin it (Keys sucks at making H-scenes from what I heard) 3. haven't played dunno 4. haven't played dunno, but didn't they import all from the anime already
  4. University begins : less time for vn/anime :(

  5. I guess I made no sense, haha I would be busy chatting instead of the game if someone else is there. But comedy type of game really works well here.
  6. I don't really think playing visual novel together works. When you play VN, you always play as a protagonist - viewing things from the first perspective. To play with someone means both of you view things as an outsider, a 3rd perspective, so it is hard to get immerse into VN than playing alone. When it comes to anime, watching together is fine as mentioned above. But a nukige or anything that isn't plot-heavy should be fine for a laugh together.
  7. playing Yume miru kusuri

  8. Finished G-senjou no Maou. Which should I read next in this state of mind?
  9. Finished G-sen

  10. Currently playing G-sen (finished Tsubaki/Kanon route)

  11. You know when your birthday comes and celebrate it, but the date when you die comes and you just let it pass. I only said this just to match this thread atmosphere. It's the day where your elementary school's friend and people you haven't been in touch 10 years ago spam 'HBD' on your wall and you are like 'Who is this guy again?' or 'He's still alive!'.
  12. You didn't tell what you what to ask. Dat window tho.
  13. I can never remember a dream in such detail, only vaguely/briefly. I dreamed twice today, the latter is a bad dream so I didn't dare to remember it. The first dream is that I can't remember where I was, maybe in a living room or desert house or somewhere as I stand next to a sofa. I was standing there for nothing - looking at my two hands, I don't even know what happened earlier for me to do that. Then for no reason, a short-red-hair girl appeared before my eyes and touch my right hand(holding with her two hands like my hand got wounded or sth) Then she moved one of them and held my left, so now it's like we both are holding hands(my left to her left, my right to her right) I looked at her charming eyes and her facial expression. Then I fell for her. All of this happened in less than 5 minutes.
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