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  1. My Nympho Wife Beta New game from us, Marble Syrup, makes of "Crusoe Had It Easy" and "Re:maid". This one's written by Ebihime, who I don't think should need an introduction. A more complete version (with various cheats -- sofar only various incest cheats + mind control implemented) is available to backers of our Patreon (for everyone who's backed $1 or more). What do you guys think of it, so far? Any and all feedback welcome.
  2. Hi guys, thanks Narcosis for the support and feedback! I wasn't responsible for most of the writing but I'll forward it to Ben (who I agree has a knack for natural-sounding conversation). We've been discussing moving to Renpy and the goal is to do so eventually, but until flash does die completely, it's great for reaching lots and lots of people in a way Renpy just isn't. I can't script in Renpy but from my understanding, it's pretty similar to our current original script and our programmer has said he'll set up a conversion tool. But yeah Flash for now, but the long-term goal is to move over
  3. You noticed there's a cheat too, right? If you don't want to do the whole cousin thing. Just type "notsoclose" on the main screen (make sure the game has focus, i.e. click on it first)
  4. The one most important variable is how much you can get Sophie to like you. Behave like you'd imagine like her would want you to, or the complete opposite way - that way alone you can unlock 5 / 7 endings.
  5. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/660850 How do you like it?
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