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  1. Thank you all so much! I'll definitely be checking them out
  2. Do you have suggestions on non-depressing visual novels? I'm interested in something in Japanese, so that I can practice (I studied for 5 years and quit a year ago). I don't have anything specific in mind, eroge or not. I'm just interested in a nice story mostly. I am probably going to order the game "Island" by front wing one of these days, after a long search. Looks like a nice story but without too much drama. Basically I really enjoy the music in KEY games but they are far too depressing (I hear) so I'm staying away from them. I've played: Persona 3, Tears to tiara II, Danganronpa, Steins;Gate Any suggestions are welcome. I'm mostly looking for a PC title. I was thinking of getting a PSvita but it's at the end of its life-cycle and already discontinued in my country (Sony is probably going to release a new handheld soon).
  3. eru777


    Hello everyone. I'm eru from Greece. I came here from google, figuring out visual novel stuff. I've played tears to tiara II, danganronpa and Persona 3. Thinking of expanding my library. I'll make a more detailed post for suggestions on the main forum. I am a big fan of Japanese music and Final Fantasy. I listen to all sorts of genres from anime osts to alternative rock (for example Public Image Limited). Used to be a big movie fan too (Asian mostly), but haven't seen any good movies lately. My favorite anime are Spirited away, paprika and death note. Paniponi dash was really good because I like random stuff like that lol. Japanese artists that I really love: Soutaiseiriron, Takahito Eguchi, Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill composer).
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