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  1. No, not yet and i hope not in near future. I am already close rock bottom that would finnish me lol
  2. Tsunderes or Kuuderes Recommendations

    Hatsukoi 1/1 has Maya(coodere) and overall good one.
  3. Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    whoever involved in this thanks a lot ! i was pissed about 17+ version without a choice and didn't know something like this started(didn't even play it yet), gonna wait how ever long it will take, seriously tho this is awesome !
  4. i discovered this in 2018 and manage to not play any of it, waiting for complete patch good work so far and thank you
  5. it's not matching in context nor their personalty. look i've been watching anime for 10 years and reading novels for about 4 , i kind of understand that kind of thing... did you even read translated novel ?
  6. I am at Umi route but translation realy doesn't match voice acting. Is it like this all routes ?
  7. yes and no,it's more like thats not exatly what she says,changes heroines personality.read time seems ok and doesn't matter to me. not entirely out of context but changes heroines personality.and cutting voices is just sad...
  8. if there was no voice actor that would be just fine. it kills immersion like this for me and bugs the hellout off me
  9. or is it just me ,tho i am sure 18+ scenes translation is super wrong...(and most of the Miu route so far) i was enjoying it too,now i am on the verge of dropping it.(which i hate droping stuff halfway)
  10. there is still people waiting guys don't worry
  11. Fureraba Walkthrough

    yeah i finished her route first ,she is cutely needy :3
  12. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    I was waiting for this(i keep my self silent couse im very unlucky and jinxed it so) thanks for translation minasan !
  13. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    sorry for yor lost man... we can wait as long as you can continue.(that kind of thing is harsh if i were you i could smack my computer lol)
  14. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    nah only QC is remain for Miyako Ouraibaa dont seem like drop it on QC (at least im trusting anyway *sparkle*) after that it only has to become a patch...
  15. i only played this games: Muv-Luv, A Profile, Shuffle, Grisaia no Kajitsu(loved this one), Majikoi(loved this one), Kamidori(loved this one) so could you tell me your best three school-life , romance and my english is not good enough for some of them for example G-Senjou no Maou(has so many business talk and mystery talk) i am planing playing: Draco Riot, Clannad, Air, Muv Luv Alternative
  16. i only played few so please advise me :)

    wow every one of them looks good but Katawa Shojo ... its not bad but too much drama for me,cant take that one maybe in summer
  17. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    real life is a s***y game i must say,but we wait so long(dont get it wrong i'm so thankfull btw) i can wait how much time it takes wow i dont even think beta thing im little perfectionist in games so i must wait more i guess ? what ever at least patch is so close
  18. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    i'm crossed my finger and waiting,btw is there any update about programing ?
  19. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    first majikoi must be finish first things first...