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  1. Physically just really isn't an option, my few friends live pretty far from me and everyone at work is pretty... aged. If I can't find anyone willing online then last resort would be... some relatives? Not optimistic about that option.
  2. I already considered that option, sadly there are no shops like that nearby, I'd definitely be able to find something in London but that's quite a drive. Figures that when I actually get interested it's at the wrong time. >.>
  3. Greetings Travelers! I'm new to DnD and have been looking to find a group to play with. That said I've been unable to find an existing group on this site so I have made one myself. All you need to know: 1. We'll need a Dungeon Master that is familiar with the rules (because I'm not). 2. The group will run weekly on an agreed day and time. 3. A program such as roll20 will be used to play. A Discord/Skype group will also be made. 4. Anyone can join even if you're a newbie like me. I hope some familiar faces show up so it's not all strangers for me though ^^; Th
  4. Mine looks fine resolution wise. Have you tried changing the resolution in the config? Here's what it I mean:
  5. Haven't checked this thread in ages... Maybe I'll update the OP but I doubt anyone reads it anyway. Anywho new character Sombra finally revealed. Check out the new animated short of her:
  6. We could use discord but there are already a lot of fuwanovel members on skype so it just made more sense at the time. It all depends on what everyone else wants I guess. EDIT: I updated the OP, let me know if I missed anyone!
  7. Went on holiday and forgot to check this thread, I'll update the OP tomorrow with everyone's tags. And yeah I recommend everyone get Skype,, it makes it easier to get together as a group and play.
  8. Welcome! I highly recommend everyone get Skype, it makes it easier to organise parties and see when everyone is on.
  9. I'm on EU but I don't mind going on NA every now and again to play. @tahu157 I'll add you.
  10. Friend request sent. I think I'll start adding any battle net tags posted here to the OP if that's ok with everyone.
  11. Welcome to the Fuwanovel Overwatch Group! The purpose of this group is to get members of the community together to play, discuss and above all enjoy this game and its universe. Are you with us? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We also now have a Skype Group to make it easier to chat about the game and so we can make group calls to speak to each other in game. Members so far: Name |Skype |Battle.net Chrispzt Chrispzt
  12. Well it looks like they'll be putting off work on Rising Thunder to work on a new game which is a shame. Perhaps this new game will be something really cool though, we'll just have to wait and see.
  13. A bit bummed about no USF4 but I'm looking forward to seeing SFV! And Pokken was unexpected to say the least, I might watch that too.
  14. Just tried it, seems pretty decent. It's a lot like smash bros but I've only ever played smash once before.
  15. I wouldn't mind joining one but... I don't actually have a mic. ^^;
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