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  1. use windowed mode on the game till the subtitle comes up, then you can go back to the fullscreen mode, if the text dissapears again repeat the steps basically, the "menu" button will come up if you use windowed mode but not when you use Fullscreen mode on the game usually if thats the case
  2. FIXED IT XD Turns out if you used the performance mode in intel HD Graphics's settings...it will disable the ingame Anti-aliasing which produces that blurry images i can't believe it was such trivial things
  3. certainly XD although it's an intel HD graphics....but all my VNs looks fine using that is it possible that the game client was outdated ?
  4. or...if there is someone kind enough to do this : 1. if you have a 1080p monitor, turn down the resolution to 1366x768. 2. then start the game and change the resolution in-game to 1366x768. see if it produces the same result as i do. anybody's help is highly appriciated
  5. OFC...i read the explanation stuff......but still comes out blurry (or even more blurry than my orighinal resolution i guess) the diffrence is almost none regarding the clarity of the text and stuffs...sadly..
  6. uhhhh........could it be that my monitor panel sucks and they had so low resolution And the game is so reliant on the monitor that it wouldn't render properly if that's true then im screwed T_T
  7. As you can see...it's so blurry and i can barely be able to see the text.....it's my full resolution with fullscreen enabled
  8. ohh... so that what it looks like on the japanese version.. i've tried that too but nothing seems changed.....BTW im playing on the translated version so i think the problem lies in the patch since everything works just fine in the japanese version
  9. Etoo.......anyone having problem with display resolution in the game ? my game is so blurry and almost hurt my eyes a little bit is it the way the game looks or there's a fix tot he problem...since changing the resolution wouldn't work ?
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