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  1. Thank you very much! But I really want to translate another visual novel since Euphoria is going to be translated. I don't know why the program doesn't work anymore.. Anyway, thank you very very very much!!
  2. I just had it a few seconds ago. I was so concentrated playing eroge until my aunt entered my room and said: "Come downstairs and do the ritual to remove the Evil Eye of you." I don't even believe in that shit. If I'm sick: It's the evil eye! If I sleep too long: The evil eye! If I fall from the stairs: The evil eye! This is the worst superstition ever. Now, I have to go to my backyard to stand over a fire while she says some ritual things. (so ashamed) Next to that, I don't have any bad visual novels that I've ever played. Only family who disturb me while playing visual novels.
  3. At first, I could download extract the .ybn files, but when I try the same thing now, I only see: EI6 detected! and that's it. With every eroge .iso file I tried, I see the same thing. Why is it so hard to make fan translations. ;-; I remember that it was very hard to decrypt the .ybn files, because I couldn't find the file "that made sense".
  4. Thank you very much for your answer! Unfortunately, the program doesn't work anymore so I quit..
  5. Fuwanovel is in one word: Amazing. The idea of Fuwanovel is perfect and the people on the forum are very friendly.
  6. I can't wait to buy KH 1.5 HD ReMIX and KH III. I've been a fan since I was a little kid, the game's too good. ;-;
  7. I have 3 months summervacation now for the first time and I'm bored as hell. Because I graduated high school!! My best friend still has school and it rains very hard 24/7, but it clears up when it's too late to leave, so there's no way I can leave the house, because I wanted to enjoy the weather.. I'm trying to enjoy my freedom, but I'm used to the fact that I always had homework or a test. x__x Well, I should use my time now and stop whining.
  8. Aku no Hana, Itazura na Kiss and Strobe edge.
  9. I'll definitely buy If My Heart Had Wings. It looks too good! EDIT: I take all my words back.
  10. I've only translated a tiny tiny tiny bit of the game, I'm worthless to the VN-community. xD So I'd really like to see (and buy) MangaGamer's game if they publish it if possible.
  11. I'm so in love with the manga and anime. I wish they would make an Aku no Hana visual novel.
  12. Want to see a pre-final exams desk-mess? It has never been as bad as this .___. Normally, I have a lot of space, but I'm afraid to neglect my studies, so my books are around me.
  13. This it like the most difficult engine ever in my opinion. (Games like Euphoria, Pajama-san Konnichiwa etc) There's no information about it on tlwiki and so on. The only thing I found was this on archive.foolz.us: 1). Get AnimED (http://wks.arai-kibou.ru/ae.php?p=dl) 2). Open those .ypf files with the archive tool. 3).Go to the Data Tool, and on the dropdown select XOR 4).Press Bruteforce Bytes, and select a small .ybn file from the now extracted .ypf file. 5).Go through all the files (there should be number files) and find the one that makes sense. 6). Put the number of the file in
  14. No order: Facebook Youtube Fuwanovel VNDB Getchu! Tumblr MAL Tokyofashion Anime-Sharing Hau~ Omochikaeri~!
  15. I'm a level 2. But who the hell wants to see hard candy or the hidden wiki (with a sane mind)? I'm glad I've never seen it, but it's utterly disgusting, terrifying, traumatizing and mostly: illegal. Those things should be forbidden on the internet.
  16. Oh my God, this community is so friendly ;-;, thank you all!! I deleted Kud Wafter, but I'm downloading it all again. I even found a NoDvd Patch somewhere, I hope that it will work out this time with the information you guys provided! Thanks to you all again! :D/> EDIT: It sure is hilarious. GiantFeatherPenis was right! It worked! Thanks again!
  17. Praline (white) for sure! Even though it makes me fat. ;-; I like to drink tea/fruit milk when I'm playing a VN.
  18. Yes and my computer is "Japanese located", all the other eroges are working perfectly like always. I read that mostly Key games got this 1503 problem.. also Rewrite. The game should have worked normally like all the other games I've downloaded like this, but this one doesn't. :C EDIT: This game will only work with a NoDvd crack.. EDIT again: I need a copy of (18禁ゲーム) [NoDVD Patch] [100625] [KEY] クドわふたー v2, but I can't find it nowhere. Last edit: I gave up, I found a REALLIVE.exe which started the game... and then.. "This game is Japan only." Guess I'll have to wait when the transl
  19. I'm getting the RealLive 1503 ERROR when I'm trying to play Kud Wafter. Can someone help me?
  20. About the goldfish part: I mean that I forget things very fast, like, if I hear something or something has happened to me, I need to tell my friends within some hours, otherwise I'll forget more than 50%. I can remember the big lines, but I forget the details so easily if I don't care about it. These days, only school is on my mind, I learn very fast, but I forget things for myself or around me easily. Like: How can you forget eating the whole day? Next to my memory: Nice to meet you all! @ Steve: I know a lot of people who like to wake up early, instead of sleeping longer. They hat
  21. Hello everyone! My name is Xehanort on forums and websites (most of the times)! I really love to play every kind of game: Eroges, visual novels, action/mystery/adventure games (PC, PSP, PS3, no matter what console) as long as the story interests me. My favorite eroges are the School Days serie and my favorite games are the Kingdom Hearts serie. I fill my time mostly with school and next year, I want to study law, therefore these days, I'm not gaming a lot and focusing more on school. I run a Youtube account for my hobby called VisualNovelGamer I follow Aaeru's blog for some time and no
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