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  1. ah damn im pretty jealous i wish i knew someone in IT so i could get this data recovery problem was that i was going to back it up keeping all my anime and whatnot on my hd was only temporary until i built my computer then i could have just dumped all of it in it and just used the hd for backup at that point
  2. oh crap yeah i dont have all that cash to spend i guess the thing that depresses me is the fact i have to start all my vns all over again from the beg. and i had lots of cg packs in my hd
  3. Hey is there anyone in fuwan that knows any IT stuff? i dropped my hard drive full of anime and now all of my anime went down the drain . So i wanted to do a data recovery if anyone know anyone or knows how?
  4. So i have not been very active mostly because i have started college but ive been trying to come back i went to the midnight release of x and y and got both anyone wanna add me? Pokemon has helped me rise from the dead on fuwan haha FC: 3797 7054 6810
  5. oh yeah well i mean another thing too? i dunno for some reason i was thinking of something else oh yeah i know im not gonna be able to enjoy my summer as much my parents told me to go be a full time student and full time worker so i can pay off my own college tuition -____- sadly i wont have much time for anything anime related soon haha you could play a MMO or watch a bunch of stuff ive been super excited for Kingdom hearts on the ps4 so im currently replaying all the KH games and and im playing tera online Do what you want to do! i know for me ive been bouncing around games recently cause i have a gaming group if you end up playing tera online you can play with me but if you wanna watch anime go for it ive been wanting to but im been preoccupied with many things so also depends where you are if you wanna be lazy i suggest you watch anime >.< im so jealous i wanna go to japan so bad im saving up so i can go you gonna stay there perm? or gonna be there for a while for but not perm yeah recently ive been into MMOs but im trying to play handheld rpgs as i can bring them with me wherever i go what kind of rpgs did you play like which games specifically?
  6. its great being inside too! play VNs and watching anime all day doesnt sound too bad
  7. i currently have ef downloaded how is it so far?
  8. SO im finally done with high school and have a bunch of time now whats everyone deciding to do with their summer break? what has everyone been playing/ watching?
  9. oh thanks i found a vocaloid site but i have to download the whole album its mikudb if you guys wanna try it
  10. Hey! whats up sorry i havent been on ive been really busy with school and stuff its nearing my graduation Im finally back on fuwa so just wondering where everyone downloads their music? cause i was trying to find some jpop but i cant find any sites to download some songs i wanted and i didnt want to use youtube.... haha
  11. Welcome Miku Hope you enjoy your time here in fuwanovel
  12. Hachi was amazing its on netflix i was kinda sad at the end of 5 cm per second
  13. So i recently just watching Hachi which i think has to be the saddest movie i ever saw has anyone else seen it? what do you guys think?
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