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  1. Hello. I want to translate a VN, I extracted the scripts from data.xp3 and then I modified the first line of the first chapter(I just translated the name of the MC) then I created the patch.xp3 but I got this error when the dialogue should appear.
  2. I really want to read Miyako route . Hope this month they can finish. Gj guys Maybe after this u guys can translate Dracu-Riot because insem cursed it!
  3. Yea i want to do that, but in wich section i can post the tutorials?
  4. I want to start make tutorials about how to play VN on linux, i want to make one for every VN i start to play on my new linux, is not easy so i think we need tutorials about that, but in wich section i can post it? Is it a good idea to make tose tutorials?
  5. Hi! I want to translate Dracu-Riot!, i'm a noob but i realy like this VN. I opened this topic to find how to solve some problems, please help me. I will public here how to hack in the Dracu-Riot! VN if i can do it. I extracted the files and i get the scripts, but now the problem is this https://www.mediafire.com/?pfp39p3ohooos8i this is one of the scripts containing in game text, but i cant find a way to transform the .ks.scn in .ks because i can't read .ks.scn. Please help! Any info regarding .ks.scn file wil be a great help too!
  6. Make sure the folder where the game is is not on Real Only, Right Click>Proprietes
  7. I didn't make it in time to partecipate in that contest D:, the logo's are nice
  8. Mine is Romanian and Italian xD i lived 11 years in Romania and 8 in Italy
  9. Hi, im new too, don't worry as you can see here are realy good people who share the same pasion
  10. I forgot to add Majikoi, i already played it, i still wait the full translated patch D:
  11. Loli

    1. Kimanor


      Whats better than a loli? Two lolis.

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