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  1. Yeah is good , it seems i can't find a more "schematic" walktrough like the rewrite one . P.s sorry for my bad english i'm still learning it
  2. Hi all , i actually got the vn of steins Gate but since i can't play a vn without the walktrough i'm looking for your help. To specify i've found many walktrough but all of them are chaotic , i don't wanna rush the true ending so would be great if someone have a walktrough like that
  3. Yeah my bad , actually relistening i find out they are the same , maybe i was too tired yesterday hahaha
  4. yeah for the spoiler tags it was my fault , i'm not addicted to forum or so i had no idea how to use it. Btw yeah that's not the bgm i was looking for ,but thanks to be precise the bgm that i'm looking for is the one that start at 19.20
  5. I'm actually reading chapter 1 of umineko and i cant find the bgm where:
  6. oh thanks to correct my missunderstanding , i love how populated is this forum i dont usually found all these reply in a small period , i'm happy to have found this one
  7. i watched grisaia no kaijitsu (anime) but i didnt liked the show , for sharin no kuni i played the first 5 hours then after some trouble i lost the save data is worth reading it? i didnt liked the script was like meh but maybe was becouse i expected something like g senjou no maou
  8. over anime, manga and stuff i love reading book and the saga of game of thrones is one of my favorite one, so for who know about it im searching a visaul novel that have a protagonist like tyrion (someone who know what he want , cheecky , rude ) . pls tell me there are some vn like that and not with all the good guy protagonist
  9. hi all , im pretty new to this forum and im here to write my presentation . I'm sixteen ( sorry for my bad english bad i'm actually learning it ) and i entrered in the world of visual novel randomly . One day after wiewing an anime rewiew i saw a video named best 20 visual novel or something like that , i become so curious about that and i decided to play the first one of the list ( g senjou no maou ) and i really appreciated it , so im here to maybe share anime or visual novel to read ( im actually reading muv luv extra but i found it pretty boring and i dont know why some people appreciate
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