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  1. Hey everyone ! I have been in the workforce for about a decade, and in recent years, I am getting opportunities to do team management tasks. It is something I enjoy a lot, and it is affecting the rest of my lifestyle as well. I used to be a self centered basketball player, but now, I finally appreciate the value of teamwork. As a kid, I idolized players like Jordan and Kobe, and lately, I have taken an interest in how guys like Pat Riley managed to assemble those dominant teams. My newfound interest made me pick up XCOM2, because I love the idea of managing a base, and if I fail, the human race will fall to ruin. I actually would have loved to have a mode where you interview and hire a tactician, then you let her run the battles and report the results to you, or maybe I am just too chicken to take on that responsibility . When the latest basketball manager game came out, I was tempted to pick it up as well, but I am unfamiliar with how salaries work, so I kind of wimped out. I want to get everyone's thoughts on these types of games, and maybe some suggestions as well, both weebern and western titles. Civilization is one example that I have in mind. It is still early, but I want to invest into producing a game of this sort next year, too. Thank you !
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=672932660 (how come the surprise emotion looks kind of sad here XD)!
  3. (Confirmed fake) White Album on Steam Greenlight

    Damn sorry guys I didn't know this was fake ...
  4. Corpse Party Steam page up

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/251270/ See you at the party ...
  5. One of the games I am looking forward to most this year
  6. Campus Notes - forget me not

    Looks like this just came out on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/435360 I don't actually know anything about the title. Seems like a fairly quiet release. It's been on my wishlist for a while, though. I stalked the community board for this game, and I hear there are other parts of this VN available. Does anyone know the details? Is it a standalone story, or do I need to read something else first? Thanks!
  7. Favorite VN sprites

    Hipster lifesty1e
  8. Yeah, click bait topic title, whatever. Enough is enough. After this post, I am never coming back here again, so you can make hate posts all you want. Seriously, all I see is hate for the Sakura series. Why? Because it's popular? Or because you think they're milking the series? Well, that's subjective, so we can argue about it all day long and never come to a conclusion. The Sakura series is still a piece of creative art, and we need to at least show it that much respect. All right, I will just come right out and say it. The Sakura series actually introduced me to the visual novel genre. It will always have a special place in my heart, yet you all just keep sh*ting on it. Every damn post guys. It makes me so , and I have been trying to hold it in, but I can't contain it anymore. Screw this. I am going to post one final picture here, then maybe some of you will actually have a change of heart and realize the Sakura series in fact deserves a lot of respect:
  9. Agobarrier, the writer of shuffle Passed away

    Really sad to hear the news . I remember watching the Shuffle anime during college. Back then, I had no idea what VNs were, and I was so young that I did not even recognize the harem genre and pattern. Good or not, the series definitely played a part in a lot of people's entertainment lives, and in the end, no matter what opinions we have, we are all going to the same place. Rest in peace.
  10. Nice review! Might see if I can blow through this one during the Easter break .
  11. Birthday thread

    Thank you Zenophilious and Eclipsed! I was 20 once upon a time
  12. Birthday thread

    Thank you !
  13. Absolutely not alone in this . Kawana Misaki from ONE ~To the Radiant Season~ is still better than any of the Key girls to me. Yeah, a bit hipster but I genuinely like her so much.
  14. I reckon Phoenix Wright has the best anime 3D to date, but this is still a step up from VLR Maybe another mini Flash game like they did with VLR ?
  15. Guyz the trailer is up ! http://www.polygon.com/2016/3/16/11250602/zero-time-dilemma-releases-date-steam-port Looks like it will be on Steam as well. I will most likely pick it up on that platform so I can have the achievement. Yeah judge away .
  16. Parascientific Escape

    Saw this on Siliconera just now: http://www.siliconera.com/2016/02/24/parascientific-escape-cruise-distant-seas-gets-english-trailer/ Might be interesting? Getting some 999 vibes I suppose .
  17. Akihabara Virtual Tours

    Keep up the good work Ren ! I used to follow this YouTube channel called Akibascope: https://www.youtube.com/user/AKIBASCOPE The owner frequented Akiba and filmed the events that took place there. This channel went silent about two years ago, unfortunately, but I love seeing stuff like this. Video is where it's at for me! I know there are issues with filming, especially in a lot of Japanese shops, but yeah.
  18. Unhack 2

    Hi everyone! I recently finished putting together the Unhack 2 digital artbook, so I wanted to show it off today. Hope that's cool . Unhack 1, Cursed Sight, Without Within—just about all of my titles come with a digital artbook available as an add-on. Unhack 2 will be no different, so let’s take a sneak peek at what we can expect to see. First, the artbook will include your standard set of character sprites, CGs and backgrounds. Each image will come coupled with a brief commentary on the thought processes that took place during development. The Unhack 2 artbook will also feature a power chart that shows how capable each programmer and AI is in combat. A² always says she is the strongest AI, well, we will see about that, because characters from Unhack 1 are also included in this book. Players have mentioned they wished these artbooks would include early sketches used during development. I want to honor that request, so Unhack 2’s artbook will feature behind the scene sketches shared between Rosuuri and me. Thank you everyone !
  19. Jun Maeda Hospitalized

    If I were Mr Maeda and saw this thread I would be like man screw you guys ~ But in all seriousness, hope he gets well soon .
  20. Management games (been playing XCOM2)

    Awesome, thank you for all the suggestions !
  21. Hello there . So it looks like VNs that include boobs, sex or even just yuri tend to sell way better than those without. A lot of gamers outside the community hate visual novels, though. "Ugh, another bewbs game", "Stahp" and whatever else. I remember a few years ago, Mass Effect 1 ran into a bit of controversy with their sex scenes. Compared to VNs, they were as tame as could be, but still, I think gamers in general defended Mass Effect. Gamers want the public to know we are mature enough to handle these topics. The Mass Effect issue even went on Fox News: I doubt many gamers would have sided with the psychology specialist in that segment. How come sex in a western title is viewed so differently from visual novels? Is it because some VNs have kinky sex? Or is it the fact that a lot of anime girls look underaged? Many of the answers will seem obvious, but I am still fine with hearing about them and maybe start a discussion from here. Sorry to finish with a downer, but let's keep the chat on topic. I have been seeing posts where people are using threads to promote their game/story/art/music etc. Mentioning projects in passing is okay, but it is beyond obvious when the intention is to plug. People can post what they like, but in some forum, that type of behavior would result in warnings, and I want to bring it up ahead of time. Thanks !
  22. The Disappearing Spider

    Thank you for the advice everyone. Burning down the place now. I will explain to the people living in the other apartments later.
  23. The Flowers demo is a hot mess

    Damn, that's too bad ! I was pretty excited to see there is a limited edition available so I actually made a note to check out the price when I got home. Oh, well. I will still download the demo and see what the fuss is about .
  24. Lewd content in the east vs the west

    Thank you for all the thoughts! Really gives me a lot to think about .
  25. Parascientific Escape

    None of them be as kawaii as Clover tho Yeah, I really hope this game will cover all the regions~