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  1. You mean how small the list is? I'm at 42/43 currently
  2. Dreams crushed as usual. Everything before UR You is new UR+SSR + 4 idolized SRs and 1 SR, no Ruby.
  3. Never in the middle, very occasionally my game crashes at the beginning or end of a song, game is very buggy. Most common crash I have is when I open a text box and start deleting immediately, it'll usually crash.
  4. KLab doesn't like Kayochin. Twice now we thought her event was coming and they decided to do something else. Oh well, while I love Kayochin, I hate the event song for that event.
  5. I haven't played EN beyond getting the SR in months now, but got my ticket for being in T4 and... With that, I had 3 spare URs (being able to keep tri UR) and traded her, Initial Honoka and Cooking Maki for I've been planning on doing this for a year, and I could finally do it! One of my dream URs, So happy to finally have it
  6. There's a reason why KR server went down, it was extremely unpopulated. The cutoffs will rise a little, but nothing significant, since KR events didn't have high cutoffs for their events either. Event wise, haven't tiered in months. Playing JP and planning to tier for Maru though
  7. If I did that, Riko would have been my #1, no thanks. Although, when I made a new Japanese account and used the new player ticket, I got an SR Ruby, game already knew who my #1 was
  8. Yep. So, ep4. Maru just skyrocketed to my 2nd favorite position. Ruby and Maru are just so sweet and caring to each other, their dynamic is just outstanding. So once again, the first year duo ends up my top 2 favorites.
  9. Before we had anime discussion threads for each season, we just talked about the Love Live anime here Next episode is the Ruby one, can't wait!
  10. My stopping point I made the account on the day the event started, did 1 10+1 with the 50 gems they gave us, and proceeded to max bond 176 cards (197 idolized). I can say, as an experienced player starting a new account in JP, the skill system is fantastic. It allows an account that's less than 10 days old get S score in a SM, meaning no guest assist. Currently I can get S score in Pure songs on EX with ease (can even break middle of song once), Cool if I FC, and just a little bit off Smile with FC. Teams Was a fun event, all the new Aqours songs making playing a blast, with a few pretty challenging ones too. I love each and every song in rotation! Also, did it all for Ruby! Oh yeah, rode up the level curve, didn't hop straight into EX. Only went up when I felt my teams were ready (being able to A score Hard songs before moving to hard, B score EX before moving to EX).
  11. I should be worrying about rank ups (being only 15 away from 300), and MedFes has 2nd best EXP per LP spent (Just slightly under token), but being forced to play 3 songs in a row sucks (better benefits). You miss in the second song and you lose motivation. You get bored, well, too bad, you have to continue (Challenge Festival fixed this). Buying boosts isn't an issue though, I have 127mil gold.
  12. Jev. I knew him before he uploaded his first video (we came from the same small gaming community) and been following him since his first video. Now he's approaching 2million subscribers. Great guy, funny and very carrying about people, which is one reason why I really follow him. Like, for example, he makes videos during different holidays reminding people to stay safe, don't do reckless things and get hurt. First 1min 15
  13. Aww, crap, saw reply but forgot to answer. No idea, heard iOS issues, but don't know anything about Android issues, I'm still running Android Kitkat. I actually stopped playing JP for over a year and have only come back to it because of Aqours! Although Rin and Hanayo are still my favorites, Ruby has come into my top 3 Love Live franchise girls! Instead of continuing my old accounts (I had 2), I made a new account at the beginning of this Ruby event just for Aqours (and Ruby herself) Sent you a friend request, my IGN atm is セリス@ルビィ推し with the event Ruby as leader!
  14. Hey there, Kairi, welcome to Fuwanovel! Can't remember if I congratulated you before, but if I did, oh well, Congrats on getting your degree! Hope you enjoy your time here, there's plenty of great people! Exclamation points!! yes I went to XBA and got him
  15. So, I made a new Japanese account for the Aqours update, even though I have 2 I barely play on. ~~ I need to get back up to speed with Aqours songs, I listened to the original 3 so many times, but didn't listen beyond that yet. Now that the anime is airing and me playing Aqours stuff in JP, I guess its time. Came across this song in SM I freaking love this song!
  16. Agreed, it's the only one I watched, only one I planned on watching, but can say I really enjoyed it. It's funny, but a well crafted plot line (from what I remember) with a lot of good moments. Went in as a joke because of the trap MC, came out without regrets.
  17. The predicted cutoff is 81k for Tier 2, I'd go 85k for safety and peace of mind. Edit :completely wrong, 86k minimum cutoff, aim for 90k.
  18. I'm still working on grinding the 100mil credits in NepNep1, doing all endings in NepNep2, and then finally get back to NepNep3 (on chapter 5). I'll probably grab NepNep4 there, but won't get around to playing it for a long time.
  19. I hear most people compare Special A and Kaichou wa Maid-sama, though I think generally people like the latter more. I haven't seen Special A, but I did like Kaichou wa Maid-sama
  20. Now that the UK has left the EU, the Pound has begun plummeting...
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