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  1. So hows the project going? I have not checked in a few months.
  2. Are yall waiting till you have both Benkei and Azumi done to release it?
  3. Last time i was on here, everyone was talking up a storm and posting about how annoying editing the route was. then everybody went to the rapture
  4. My votes for Seiso as well. btw anyone got tips for recovering from Wisdom tooth extraction? I got a cold the night of and its driving me insane.
  5. Don't you wish that voodoo shit on them. I would have to edit this avatar and I'm far to lazy to do so.
  6. It was Soushisouai Note The Animation Episode 2 took them around 30mins to find it for me XD
  7. I must consult you guys the Hive Mind of Porn for help in finding a hentai I watched long ago. It was 2 episodes long. In the first episode the guy has sex with his senpai who has big breast and tan lines. They then move on to a party that has 2 new girls who are featured in the next episode. In the 2nd episode the 2 girls hang out with a guy who got stood up at a mall and they take pictures with him in a photo booth without their shirts on. They then head to one of their houses and show him what sex is like. He spanks one of the girls and plays with the other girls inverted nipples. I need yo
  8. So anyone else do a 100% completion of DA:I ? Took me 64 hours XD
  9. Waiting for Miyako QC HYYYYYPE! Then waiting for patch for all the stuff HYYYYYYYPE! Should I change my picture to a happy Miyako?
  10. I need a update of my avatar with 99% on it instead
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