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  1. Except they said something on Jan 2, 2018. Progress is still being made, regardless of how slow it might be as far as I know. Jast is only doing the Official Release on the 1st game. S and A are not part of that project.
  2. I don't think I need to show what I did for her birthday here, but yes, I did buy a cake for her.
  3. Yeap. A good amount. They added new things weekly until they became open. They started their store front (not online) in Japan on December 22nd and are ending it New Years Eve. Warning: Some NSFW Content http://www.entergram.co.jp/goods/minatoshop/
  4. 'Nekoyashiki Maher' from "Hana Hime * Absolute!" made by Mirai-soft
  5. Looks like they are opening a new online shop. Really, really hoping this plush will be available.
  6. Finally received these in the mail \o/ (1 nsfw item)
  7. Not as active as before, but chat happens occasionally.
  8. Correct. http://ebten.jp/techgian/p/s/7015014042219/ shirt
  9. Preview of the size. http://www.minatosoft.com/10th_anniversary_final/goods2.html http://www.minatosoft.com/10th_anniversary_final/goods3.html (nsfw) In case people didn't see these.
  10. Yeap, I only pasted it again because Minatosoft wanted to give an update on it or something. Not sure what it is, but they posted it again very recently. They had that special edition for quite some time Edit: The Spark was mentioned to say that the game will no longer be available for download. Lmao
  11. Yes, bottom 4 items are "Heroine Visualize Note PCs". A-3 is making progress, just little by little.
  12. http://www.minatosoft.com/10th_anniversary_final/ http://minatosoft.com/10th_anniversary/spark.html
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