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  1. Maybe with a new translation I'll finally understand what the hell happened at the end of this one. Or not.
  2. Somewhat more game than VN is the yuri mystery game Black Closet from the person behind Long Live the Queen. In it, you are the head of the student council and you issue orders to your minions in order to solve various mysteries both small and large. The game is all about the power you're given and when the right time to wield it is. It's very fun and I highly recommend it.
  3. Vemocleus


    Don't be absurd, I won't stand for that kind of 'fun' and tomfoolery! But honestly, I'm always behind on my quests, don't get to play as often as I'd like to. So it's hard to keep replaying the brawl when I know I should be clearing some spots on my quest board.
  4. Vemocleus


    Doesn't seem to be too much point to Brawl after you win the pack, especially on a week where unique heroes are given and quests can't be completed.
  5. Vemocleus


    I usually spend the 100g when I get it on a pack 3 times or so, then save 150g for arena. Arena's fine, but I'm pretty awful at it so I usually just stick to regular play. Think my highest in arena is... 7? And that's pretty unusual for me, got lucky.
  6. I was not aware that he was at ACEN, or even came to the US for that matter. Thank you so much for posting this.
  7. I don't act like a moron and I fully welcome the banhammer on those that do. Ah, If only I were at the ban-button for Dota 2... *pushpushpushpushpushpushpushpushpushpushpushpushpush*
  8. Vemocleus

    E3 2015

    Mass Effect 4 will simply be the beginning of another tale, with different characters in the same setting. It doesn't have to have the same protagonist to be ME4, and that doesn't make any further games 'spin-offs'. I for one am looking forward to a completely new tale in the ME setting. I've had enough of Shephard I think. Fallout 4 is a long time coming. I'll keep an eye peeled for any other interesting surprises to pop up at E3.
  9. Vemocleus


    Just about to get the new adventure, woo!
  10. *grumbleGrumblegrumblegrumble!* Get off my lawn! *shakes a stick*
  11. Wow. Dis thread tho... What a read.
  12. That... is the weirdest question ever? Did you like it? Yes? Then I guess it was 'good' to you.
  13. Raven is my favorite. I have it memorized, for fun. Yes, for fun. That and "The Cremation of Sam Magee"
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