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  1. Well you didn't just give your thoughts you questioned mine so I responded. As far as to the motivation to donating obviously I'm not purchasing the game. I'm donating to help the group function and pay the bills. Like I said earlier if it's a game I'm interested I buy it if not I don't bother playing it. I don't have a problem with Mangagamer and Sekai releasing games in English either. It's great not only for the translation quality but the game is often much cheaper here then it is to purchase and ship. The problem I have is the fact people who sell their work make use of paypal donations and the help of the fansubbing community but don't give back what they take. Just be upfront about it. If people still want to donate their time and/or money they will but what they don't appreciate is being lied to and for bullshit reasons to be made up for why the project has been stalled like they found a girlfriend in RL (inseem). QC problems (Kohaku Translations). I mean I don't even know how long Doki been sitting on the Little Busters work. Years?
  2. I'm not sure I understand the point you are making. Managamer releases get cracked on a regular basis as do steam releases. If someone doesn't want to pay for something the option is there whether it's fansubbed or not. With the global marketplace it's not hard to get games shipped here used or new. Whether it be Jlist or even amazon which has started carrying the titles. And I don't really have a problem with donating to translation groups whether it be anime or otherwise as long as it's original work. I'd never donate to HorribleSubs. I'd rather buy a sub to crunchyroll and hope some of that money reaches the creators. But there are anime that doesn't get licensed by Crunchy or Hulu or whomever (though the list is getting smaller and smaller every year) I've donated to groups who did the original translation work (usually 5 dollars) and would do so again. What I have a problem with these VN groups is they are never upfront and honest about their intentions which is fine I guess if you want to go off as a 1man translation team but I kind of think if you are asking for donations like Kohaku Translations did and asking for help inregards to editing, hacking or whatever you should at least be upfront that the plan is to ultimately sell the work.
  3. For me it's yes on both counts. I try to donate my limited resources to groups who need it. If I known they were going to be paid for their work I wouldn't have donated. It's the same rule I apply to open source though are built-in protection against such a thing happening. I understand this has always happened with VN's but it's sort of becoming an epidemic. I understand there are groups who wish to be paid for their work but there needs to be more transparency when they are asking for the resources of the community whether that be hackers, translators, or donations. I've been burned three times in the last year I've made donations. No more. I pay enough for Mangagamer and Sekai games I don't need to be donating to them prior to purchasing the game.
  4. Will this kill fan-translations or make it stronger? Are you less likely to donate your time to new groups knowing the lead may sell your work. Are you less likely to donate to fansub groups considering their is high chance they will paid for their work anyways.
  5. Really is that what caused it to break? LOL. I did use cheat engine to max the characters and dice but didn't edit the days or story in any way. So didn't think that could be the cause. Are you saying this is where the anti-cheat mechanism kicked in? It actually was quite easy to edit the amount of skills. All I did was edit the internal tracking number that kept track of how many skills were trained (upto three) and then setting it to zero after three skills then rinse and repeating until they were all done.
  6. Game crashes for some at startup and I've had over 4 IG crashes. Right now I can't progress at all because I am unable to use Subaru (shows not registered) and can't deploy her (single grunt mission). Just shows the two main characters and cant deploy crossing them out. I think it's because I choose the love +1 options before her character had registered. Dunno.
  7. Game is full of bugs I would strongly suggest holding off purchasing before they get it fixed
  8. So I go to the first mission with subaru and can't deploy her (runs after single grunt). Just shows the two main characters and cant deploy crossing them out. I think it's because I choose the love +1 options before her character had registered. Dunno
  9. 1. There are two patches to install from MangaGamer https://s3.amazonaws.com/mangagamer_public/Haruka+Update+1.zip https://s3.amazonaws.com/mangagamer_public/Haruka_Update_2.zip 2. Try running in win7 comp mode and with admin rights 3. Redownload game and install from fresh source
  10. Just came across Xam`d and it has the slickest OP.ED I`ve across yet. www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnlD7easQY0 www.youtube.com/watch?v=uh00ubAHy3Y www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyJJpk-uuXM www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNwiVoNPHi0
  11. 1. Dr Manhattan ability to control over matter at a subatomic level 2. Dr. Manhattan near-total clairvoyance 3. The Hulk when angry 4. Dr. Solar ability to travel through time 5. Dr Solar ability to create and destroy planets
  12. For me it's either one of two thing Ecchi or a very good story line. Really hate Loli, Moe, and above all else love polygons.
  13. Just started watching Devil May Cry. So far I'm liking it and wondering how the hell I missed it on to to watch list.
  14. Hasn't updated her twitter since September or posted on the site.
  15. The Ex doesn't look to get translated anytime soon. They say the project isn't abandoned but at the rate they are going it might as well be.
  16. I agree the OST has been very good throughout. Particularly, Aqua Terrarium https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-1BSdWHwAc Too bad the main protagonist is a complete douche.
  17. Two recent ones come to mind are Akeno Himejima (High school Dxd) and Shizuka Marikawa (high school of the dead) for obvious reasons.
  18. I try to avoid shows with unlikeable male protagonists but I got suckered into watching "Nagi no Asukar". Dear god is Hikari Sakishima unlikable. Goes around ranting and raving like a madman without trying to understand anything but for some reason everyone seems to like the guy. Even the way his handle PLI is pretty awful. Some chick waits for him five years and he doesn't even consider her feelings. Douche.
  19. Just DL'ed the first couple of episodes of Pilot Love Song. Just godawful. Cliches galore. Conveniently dumb characters. Nonsensical plot. Hands down the worst new Anime series this season..
  20. Finishing the second season BD of Kore wa Zombie Desuka and OVA's. Next up Itsuka Tenma No Kuro Usagi
  21. The ending for kore wa zombie desu of the dead was pretty decent. Too bad the second season was shit.
  22. Following Strike The Blood and Witch Craft Works. I've loved Strike the Blood uptil this point and Witch Craft Works has been meh but enough to keep my interest. I definitely plan to get at Golden time at some point. I was originally turned off by it's synopsis (not a fan of love polygons) but I've heard enough praise to give the series a go.
  23. I had the same experience with BTOOM!. I found the series somewhat boring but the theme song kept drawing me in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZu7sXzNHLw On the opposite side, I challenge anyone to watch the Anime series Macademi Wasshoi opening through the first five episodes. The series itself tolerable but man ass along with the most annoying theme song ever created turned me right off the show.
  24. I'm pretty much down for any anime genre as long as it has characters with big breasts, some ecchi, and a semi-decent plot-line.
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