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  1. Welcome! I was also crushed by the Grisaia no Meikyuu ending... I remember raging about it in the middle of the night because you just don't end something with an intense cliffhanger when the sequel is still far from being released (the 18+ one). You. Just. Don't. I'd agree ChiruChiru is great. But I'd still pick Makina. G-Senjou no Maou is something that you should enjoy. It was my first VN and the one that got me hooked on playing. If you want to sob like a child, pick up Clannad.
  2. That''s why I dare people to read it. Sure, I like lolis, but that shouldn't diminish the fact that it has an interesting setting, a good set of characters, and a well-written story. You'd just have to read it lol.
  3. So are there any anime/manga that you have watched/read that you thought are very different than what the popular opinion on them suggests? For me one would be Shingeki no Kyoujin, especially the 1st season of the anime. My friends talked about how good it was, but when I actually watched it, I just saw Eren as a very weak male lead and Mikasa as a yandere lead. Not many interesting characters (except Levi) and not much character development. Im still not giving up hope on this series though, but for me the 1st season got a lot of praise it didnt really deserve. (I might get a lot of heat on this one) Also, I'd dare people to read Kodomo no Jikan. I know people see this manga as lolicon fanservice fodder (it is, in some ways). But reading it unravels a story about different forms of love, relationships, and the challenges of being an educator. The issues that it tackled just cannot be tackled in any other setting.
  4. should I read grisaia or fate first?

    I'd go Fate. Then wait until the 18+ release of the Grisaia no Rakuen before starting, so you can finish reading. Bec Grisaia no Meikyuu cliffhanger made me lose sleep.
  5. I never really deleted anything. I did lose all of my VNs and anime when i switched laptops and my external hard drive crashed (saddest moment of my life). My friend got a bunch of the anime with him but I got no other backup for my VNs. I did want to redownload a bunch of them especially the ones I havent finished (I did redownload some), but I haven't really started on doing that. LOL.
  6. True Routes...

    True routes are mostly there to tie up loose ends of the VNs. And they are good story telling tools that can create the connection between the heroine routes, gives explanations on these connections, and create new perspective on the story and the characters. Some examples come to mind. In the case of Rewrite, the Moon and Terra routes are meant to connect all that happened on the previous routes and make sense of them. In that sense, these routes makes sense in the grand scheme of things. And I still think the true route is the best route on Da Capo 2. Not only did it clarifies a lot of what has actually happened on the series, it gives a new perspective on Sakura. And it paved the way for the sequel as well. I wouldn't say that this makes the other routes pointless. The true end wouldn't mean as much if you hadn't encountered the characters on their routes and make a connection to them, and if you hadn't familiarized yourself with the setting of the VN. Individual routes creates the connection and gives each heroine a time to shine, as well as a personality and a background story that you just can't get when you only see the true route.
  7. Harem 2017: Your ideal VN heroine harem

    Dude. Don't ruin it. LOL. Loli characters are the selling point of some VNs to lolicons. However, all characters in eroge are 18+ yo (at least acc to the games themselves). So real lolis wouldn't be in any eroge in the first place due to CP laws... So instead of defining a loli as an age-based characteristic (which IMO should be the real definition of a loli), eroge switched to appearance-based (short stature, small boobs) and personality-based (cute, acts like a child) lolis. So yeah Wanko would be closer to the loli classification (for looking like a loli and acting like a loli) than the non-loli classification. Just my loli thoughts.
  8. Post your desktop screen shot

    Well I've replaced my laptop since I posted here before. So here is my new desktop now I like to keep things simple and clean. And the dock theme pretty much works out with Celty.
  9. First 2D Crush

    First 2D crush would be... Misty from pokemon... Current would be... a lot. LOL. But the top ones would be Ilyasviel von Einzbern (Fate series), Misaka Mikoto (ToAru series), Kawai Ritsu (Bokura wa minna Kawaisou), Sengoku Nadeko (Monogatari series), Haibara Ai (Detective Conan) I know I have a lot of 2D crushes.....
  10. Harem 2017: Your ideal VN heroine harem

    A harem of lolis would be great.... 1. Ilyasviel von Einzbern - FSN 2. Irisu Makina - Grisaia 3. Ezekiel - Osananajimi wa daitouryou 4. Moroshita Michiru - Koichoco 5. Noumi Kudryavka - Little Busters 6. Nakatsu Shizuru - Rewrite 7. Kawakami Kazuko - Majikoi Having a harem of lolis leaves out good waifus though (Tousaka Rin, Sakagami Tomoyo, Maple, among others). But if pressed, always go with the lolis.
  11. Hey guys! I was a member that got swallowed up by college lectures and stuff that I wasn't able to come here anymore for a few years (which was very sad). I still played some VNs though, but my playthroughs were few and far in between. Now that I have graduated and slowly settling in my work environment, I got some free time now. So I decided to return to this community that made me love VNs. With my free time I (finally) finished Fate/Stay Night and currently starting on Da Capo 3. I was very happy to finally see DC3 after waiting for a long time. But sad as well since I remember Aaeru and the C&D on it way back. Also, seems like a lot has changed in the forums and the community. The previous green background is now suddenly all purpley. I don't know if the people I knew before are still here, but I hope the community is as accomodating as it was before. Anyways, I'm very glad to be back.
  12. The art looks good and the gameplay would have been awesome, as I haven't played any dating sims game. I just couldn't stand the language. I mean, I might start speaking like one of them once I start to play it. Just plain disturbing.
  13. Your favorite Key character

    Favorite character would be Tomoyo from Clannad/Tomoyo after. I think she has the strongest personality in all Key characters. I also like Kud (LB) and Shizuru (Rewrite). VNs had really awakened the lolicon in me. Favorite support character would be Sunohara. He and Okazaki make a really good comedy duo
  14. New Forum Coordinator -- Congratulations!

    Congrats, Batman! Somehow, I feel intimidated that the dark knight will be watching all of us Well, that just means the peace and order on the forums would continue.. Goodluck on your new quest, Bats.