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  1. Currently rewatching Neon Genesis Evangelion (Netflix changed the ending song, so I am kind of annoyed at that) and boy, watching this again after you get older gives a totally different perspective on Shinji's character (not only him. The entire cast has a lot of inner struggles that you can barely understand when you are young). Almost on episode 20 and this series is amazing (much more than I remembered). I also watched it and I heard the manga is also near completion. Do you have any idea how many chapters are left?
  2. Regarding Gurren Lagann, I am a tear jerker for happy endings. Well... The manga has not the most perfect story in the universe, but it is damn worth a read, at least once.
  3. Gurren Lagann is very good. I don't like the ending that much, but I could hardly think of something not too cheesy. Also, Elfen Lied's manga is quite beautiful indeed. The anime did great on the soundtracks, but it covered almost nothing of it. When the shit would really hit the fan, it ended.
  4. Recently I finished reading Claymore (yeeees..... The ending is so much more satisfying than the goddamned filler ending the anime had). Raki as a male adult that did not act like youma livestock? Hell yeah. I also re-read Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken (for the many brazilians here, it's the source material for the anime "Fly, o pequeno guerreiro", which people older than 25 should know quite well). The animation itself was the closest thing to the original material I've ever seen in my life, but unfortunately it covers the story only up to volume 10. The manga has 37 volumes, so roughly only a quarter was covered (and they stopped right before one of the most awesome fights in the entire thing, creating a filler ending. Meh). Edit: Pop is the best side character, ever. His bromance with Dai (Fly) is so well written that you almost feel the dude should be the MC. Character development ran strong with this one. What a bro.
  5. I also dropped Code Geass (but due to me not enjoying the characters as much as I have with other shows. Lelouch is awesome, yes, but I kind of did not get into it). This one (Made in Abyss) is another one I skipped due to the "a little too cute design". After Madoka (which I genuinely enjoyed because Homura is a walking plot twist) I kind of turned my radar on for this kind. Urobutcher is good, but my poor heart has a limit on the despair side.
  6. I am not sure if this one has been posted before, but Saya no Uta's OSTs is one of the best and most fitting collection of BGMs I've seen. Silent Sorrow and Shapeshift come to mind, but Schizophrenia and Sin are also very good. Saya no Uta is so underrated it hurts.
  7. I have yet to watch that and I am a little worried. The first movie was as rushed as one could expect, had the flaws one could expect, but overall I enjoyed it. Sure, some scenes were bound to be cut or rushed. But the content on the second and third movies is the main reason Heaven's Feel route is so good. Also, Shirou grabbing Sakura by her waist and calling her his woman is priceless (I doubt this scene will even exist on the movies, but oh well). Shirou being the one to use the mana excuse just to bang the heroine is just amazingly hilarious (when you compare his actions with the other 2 routes) that you kind of need to accept she managed to get him in the horny side of the Force.
  8. Rewatched Trigun for the 4t67th time.... Totally worth it. I also enjoy the soundtrack, which I listen to every now and then while going to work. I am not really into watching anything new lately, except maybe One Punch Man (well, it is funny as hell... And I can really use this kind of escapism in my days off).
  9. I meant in the original game, in which Shirogane is actually a badass Eishi and is considered awesome by the female cast (because, well, there are almost NO MEN in the entire army due to... In the spin-offs (Altered Fable and CO. The Day After is a totally different beast) we only see our regular nerdy student Shirogane, who isn't a nice friend by any means to anyone in the cast (with the exception of maybe Mikoto). There is no reason for anyone to like the bastard, despite Sumika's "childhood friend unrequited love" (which I never bought, to be honest).
  10. Aw... Ok hahaha Well, personal taste is very subjective. But I am glad you finished it. Ciel's route in particular can be.... Challenging.
  11. See Persona 2. The first part (Innocent Sin) is a group of friends (Tatsuya, Maya, Sarah and Eikichi) trying to solve the mysteries regarding rumors that once spread become reality. Thing is, they bit way more than they could ever hope to chew and... This is lacking a lot of context, but the way the game leads you to that moment is so nicely done that you stop caring about the absurdities. Specially since Maya needs to earn her "best female character of all time" title someday. The second part (Eternal Punishment) is literally what the name says. The game is amazing, but only if you play both and in order. And if you like bittersweet endings.
  12. Natal from Evenicle. I mean, Evenicle doesn't have a route at all and the MC literally fucks every female thing whilling (mostly) but Natal was left out of his roost, even though she liked him and he had been wanting to do her since first sight. Sure, her final scene is cute AF (because her character is good) and even though she had a reasonable motive not to join as another wife, I consider it a huge missed opportunity. Tsukihime's Arihiko as a "bromance for life" interest. He is the main reason Shiki is bearable at certain points. Arihiko is totally husbando and bromando material. Ah, the entire Izumi's Valkyries unit from Muv Luv Alternative. Once again, there is no actual route here, but they should have been love interests. I mean, Kashiwagi is the greatest fem-bro of all time. Why not a love interest also?
  13. Even though I love Arcueid as a character for what she is (and how well her entire existence is consistent with the way she acts) I recommend at least trying to go deeper. Ciel's route can be tiresome because it looks like the exact same path as Arcueid's, but her real route starts when Roa is dealt with. Arcueid and Ciel make the "Near side of the Moon" arc. While I enjoy it (mostly due to Arcueid's character alone) the "Far side of the Moon" arc is MUCH better. Akiha, Hisui and Kohaku make up said arc and they stand for the best stuff there is in the visual novel, really. Give it another chance and you are not going to regret it. As for me, I started but lost interest in Kikokugai (The Cyberslayer) for reasons beyond me. I simply stopped and never got back into it, even though the premise is interesting. Almost 10 years later and I still remember the initial plot, which might mean something. I also never managed to beat Evenicle's last boss. The game is amazing and I laughed hard way too many times while playing it, but after I went out of the last dungeon to grind a bit, I had a huge change in my life and never touched it again.
  14. Single rolls. Period. The only 10 pull that got me anything was the first, when I had just started playing and the Rashomon event was up. I got 30 quartz from Fuiyuki and France's free quests and daily logins and got myself 2 Shutens on the same 10 pull. Everything that came after that was thru single pulls alone. Vlad Berserker, Francis Drake, Tit Arthuria Lancer and a ton of 4 stars, including the summer Kiyohime Lancer and 2 Martha rulers. I am 100% F2P and I gotta say 10 pulls is for whales.
  15. Whoa. That was fast. Good luck on your project buddy
  16. Oh ok. I know the thread has been here for a while now, but since no one answered I got worried. Cheers to you then
  17. Went MIA because I moved from one country to another, twice. I honestly apologize for not updating here, as I wasn't available during this time. Handle (the one you use or plan to use): AstralSword Positions you can fill: Text Editor (English) - A test is required. While I am not terrible at it, english is not my first language. Image Editor/Cleaner - I am good at cleaning and editing, but I am not good at drawing. Sadly, I am can't draw a vagina to save my life (mosaics are my bane). Script scene-recreator (once the logic behind it is understood, I can make whatever you want). Video editor (adjusting size, adding subtitles, turning videos into giant .gifs - in case the engine accepts gifs for mobile background and not video files); Types of projects (VNs) preferred: Whatever keeps me interested till the end. Usually Nitro+ and Type-Moon stuff. Availability (edit this one as you get involved in projects): Currently working on my own Demonbane translation/Realta Nua thing, but I can manage to work on another. VNs most interested in producing an ftl for: Usually Nitro+ and Type-Moon stuff. Motivation for joining in on ftl: Basically, I love to read. And VNs became a large portion of what I read on my free time, so I think it is time to contribute back to the community. Conditions (any additional conditions, under which you will or won't work): For the greater good (and by that I mean greater quality) run a few tests for the role you want me to perform. A friend once told me I was a jack of all trades, and that is quite accurate. I know a bit of every role (I fare better at some roles than I do at others) but I am not really a specialist at any of them. Run a test. If I pass, then we go from there. There is no such thing as a rejection when it comes to projects like this. If I do not fit the minimum quality requirements for a job, just say it. I won't bite you or anything. Quality standards exist for a reason. I work and do college (finally... It was about damn time I graduated), so my free time is not always the same as everyone else's. That being said, a nazi-narrow schedule is overkill. If I say I will do something, then I will. There is no need to keep asking every 10 minutes if I did my job. I try to do my work as soon as possible, exactely to prevent what I wrote above from happening. If I have any changes in my schedule, you will be the first to know. You can clearly see that I am very easy to deal with. Just throw anything at me and, if it is interesting enough, then I am game.
  18. .scr is a file extension commonly used on screen-savers. Is it the extension in the script files? Did you try to open it using any text editor, such as Notepad++? If this fails, send me a sample and I will see what I can do.
  19. I understand that completely but, if you have the time to wait untill your mind "forgets" what you wrote, that issue can be minimized (not to perfection, of course, but after two passes it is bound to be very close). My Demonbane translation from english to portuguese is going smoothly in the sense that I actually like the results of the first 2 chapters. One thing that works to erase the "auto-correct effect" (at least in my head) is to recompile the translated script in the game and proofread it there. Since I translate the script using Notepad++, reading it in the game is like looking at a totally different beast. The font is a different size, there are OSTs, there are CGs, so the feeling inside your head is different. It works.
  20. Probably referencing this: From KonoSuba: EXPLOSION: The sole spell in Megumeme’s arsenal, which she can only cast once a day. Cast with an overly-long incantation punctuated by an Engrish pronunciation of the word “explosion”, the spell is a common “mark-out” moment for many fans. “EXPLOSION” is commonly spammed in the comments sections for KonoSuba-related material online. Basically, you sparkled a flaming. Nothing wrong with that once in a while, though. Specially since it was not your intention (just like the character in question).
  21. I am a translator and my own editor (not japanese-english, but an editor's role is not bound by language. The job is the same nonetheless). An editor must be fluent and very knowledgeable of manierisms in said language, in order do be able to put 'feeling' into the translation (which I believe you are, since you are an american native-speaker). Let's put it this way: The characters MUST look like a real person speaking when they express themselves. Otherwise, the translation won't be adequate. In my case, that is a pain, since it is hard (close to impossible IMHO) to take both roles simultaneously. I translate close to 500 lines, make a read-check to correct the most grotesque mistakes, then go to the next 500 lines. After a day, I go back to the first 500 lines and then act as the editor (since my mind would not be attuned to the not so obvious mistakes I made the first time around). In your case, you could take the editor role right away, since you would be reading something another person wrote. It is hard to notice your own mistakes, but not the ones from someone else. All in all, good luck with school, and just do not stop reading. It keeps your mind sharp.
  22. Notepad++ has a standard coding for new files. Example: If the original file was coded as Shift-Jis, Notepad++ is configured to creating new files as UTF-8. If the engine does not accept unicode, then it won't run. Another possible issue is if you messed with the programming structure in the script. It is really easy to break a script if you do not pay enough attention. Just a single misplaced comma, and everything goes downhill. Open the original file, and without changing anything, take a screenshot. I will be able to tell you a few things.
  23. The hell. The track's names are hard coded. After I overwrote one of them with the same name, the very file that was not working before simply played out in the VN. This is beyond what I asked help for in this topic, but anyone has any idea on how to "add" more name files to this list? Edit: I feel like a dumb piece of---- You get it. The names really were hard coded (I have no idea if that term can even be aplied here). ....But I managed to find the scripted file and add the name of the new track there. It is working now. Thank you all for your help and time. I actually got my ogg files with real high quality after messing around with them for 3 days straight lol Regarding the PS2 port to PC, it is still on the beginning stages, so it will take a while. I kind of 'translated' the news so I could grasp at least a bit of it. But, again, it is great Nitroplus did not forget this one. I would not have messed up with Demonbane if it wasn't awesome. Cheers!
  24. Aw.... Well, when it comes out, maybe I will try to adapt my translation into it. Until then, let me have my dream lol Thanks for the info though. It is always good to see Demonbane getting some love from the industry. Nope. After checking many converters, I reached the exact same values (and pretty much all of the others, from 64 to 500), but the file simply does not play inside the VN. I will try overwriting one of the songs. Maybe the file names are hardcoded. But if that is the case, then it is a no-no. I wanted to add new soundtracks, not change them altogether. I will keep you posted.
  25. Oh, ok. I actually tried converting to 499kb/s for better quality. Heh, my loss. Let me try this then. Thank you! Wut? Please give me source. Unless it is my own project you are talking about and I am just plain dumb lol
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