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  1. I usually stream/record my playthroughs of VNs and I use walkthroughs to ensure I captured all the possible outcomes. It also helps cut down total record time that I would naturally accumulate if I went back and forth trial and error of selecting the right options.
  2. The last title Healing Harem does not have a JP counterpart to it yet. I suspect there may be a 4th Lovekami spin-off in the works. There are tools to modify the script file from the JP version to show the translation version but they did add a few more dialogue and changes outside outside of the H scenes.
  3. The majority of Ninty fans won’t care and won’t notice what’s been left out. Plus, I’m sure MoeNovel can find lots of 12-year old “French Girls” in the Nintendo world, their intended audience.
  4. Heh... MoeNovel hasn’t picked up the first Lovekami game which is what I’m playing. It was released back in 2010 and is not in HD. There are people begging for this VN to be butchered localized on the MoeNovel steam forums. The actual producers are Pulltop. Sadly, MoeNovel and Pulltop are under the same umbrella Corp WillPlus.
  5. I just finished up Momoiro Closet (Ended near end of last month). The ending was long winded and there was just a bit too much dialogue to progress at a steady rate. New titles I'm presenting on my YouTube Channel: Lovekami - This is not Divinity Stage, Useless Goddess, and Healing Harem found on Steam but the original visual novel released in 2010. The three spinoff titles are all based on this visual novel and deals with all the information stated in the prologue. Adventure of a Lifetime - Yes, I ended up presenting the Moenovel version of this title. It's all ages in its original form so I don't think there is much loss. One thing I don't like is how the dolphin got a new name "Phin" instead of the original name "Q-Taro". Behind the scenes, I'm working on finishing Love Sweets. I'm working through each of the main character routes and I'm getting a little bored with it. Either the female character is upset that the main character doesn't admire her or the main character finds something special with the female character.
  6. Mangagamer usually does Moonstone titles so them picking it up over NekoNyan is not a surprise. In fact, the predecessor company (Circus) is one of the founders for Mangagamer. I can't really tell what brands are usually destined for NekoNyan and all their releases have been a surprise so far.
  7. For me, I feel that when Kure worked on Sakura no Mori + Dreamers, he was kind of fixing the mistakes he made when he worked on the previous title Natsu Iro no Nostalgia. There were a lot of people who felt that the story had an abrupt ending; start with something and lose control of it. After Dreamers part 2 (It's short, just 2 extra routes), I'm sure Natsu Iro no Nostalgia will be next on MG's lineup. My intake of new visual novels has decreased significantly and I'm only able to take in a handful of titles. I followed Moonstone for some time until I was exposed to titles from other companies.
  8. Yep... and the title announced at Anime Central turns out to be... ImoPara 3 from Moonstone Cherry. This one was Secret Project #2 and it's already made its way to beta testing. I'm sure many people will be upset for this choice hoping for another Kure/Yamakaze Ran title such as Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia and/or Sakura Mori + no Dreamers. Based on Mangagamer's licensing patterns, I'm sure they will pick up another mainstream Moonstone title down the road.
  9. I don’t have the MoeNovel version, but let’s see: #1: Everyone (Epilouge) #2: Amane, Isuka, and Tatsuya (Prolouge) #3: Hotaru #4: Kanako #5: Yoru twins #6: Ageha and Hotaru #7: Kotori Based on my comparison, it looks like route #6 got the cut. Sorry Ageha.
  10. It isn’t too hard to have the VN run on different engines as long as you have all the resources in your hand. The PS3 used a weird architecture so it kinda explains why there aren’t many tools out there.
  11. The fandisc for If My Heart Had Wings has made its way to Steam today. I'm not sure what to expect from this given that it's from our "friend" Moenovel. I've previously come across lots of Moenovel defenders who are quite optimistic about this release, but I guess I have to see it for myself. Because I LP the original If My Heart Had Wings as I play along and I'm only about 10% through, I can't touch it yet. As backup, I have the original JP version installed somewhere on my computer. https://store.steampowered.com/app/923810/If_My_Heart_Had_Wings_Flight_Diary/
  12. I would be surprised if it didn't have mosaics given that FrontWing complies with JP laws... even if the discs are meant to be shipped out of Japan. That said, I got my box last week and it mentioned "Steam required" on the back. Is that the case for the 3 main titles?
  13. I really feel that MoeNovel’s Steam Compliance reason for the delay is just an excuse. I find it hard to believe and it’s just a glorified way of saying they need more time. Steam would have pointed out the problems earlier or would have taken the page down with no explanation.
  14. I just started Momoiro Closet. I'm still going strong with Pure Song Garden! and Cocoro@Function!
  15. For these games, they trick you by releasing it censored in English and then releasing it uncensored in Japanese a year or two later. That’s what Pulltop did with the first two LoveKami spinoffs.
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