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  1. I looking for VN that I play as male protagonist and I try to crossdress (for any reason) and can be able to romance with male character (either nice/bad handsome guys but not old ugly pervert men !!!) I had my own fantasy that I want to be the woman something like that and had someone actually care or love about me (it like shounen ai / yaoi) but I prefer to be crossdress / gender bender that I can be the women. I read a lot of gender bender manga Notes : I had try otome game and it nice I love it but in this case I want something special for myself that I hope I can
  2. Thank you very much I very like Ayakashi Gohan
  3. Thank you all of your guys very much ! I appreciate that
  4. I want play something peculair VN that I play as Trap character (Gender bender) or had feminine body and can be romance with Male character ( like childhood friend ) but if it can be romance with Female character I wouldn't mind anything but "I don't want VN that I play as masculine male body like DRAMAtical Murder https://vndb.org/v5916 , No thank you !!! https://vndb.org/v8701 (Yaoi game)" So far I read manga like Boku girl, Mide love, and many gender bender element game (crossdress also) List of Visal Novel I had play -Majikoi (Love it with bromance between friend and heroin
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