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    I like anime and visual novels, I'm a bit too into Dark Souls, and I can play a mean sax but can't afford to actually buy one.

    My favourite visual novel is G-Senjou no Maou, favourite franchise is Majikoi.

    I have a weakness for kuuderes.
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  1. Nice to meet you!!!!!!:D

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    2. TrinityBree


      Well, it isn't! People can and should be given the freedom to like whatever they enjoy! Hmm, but surely it is more common for females to enjoy BL more, but hey! I ain't discriminating. 

      I'm not sure how I could find a hacker to help extract the script, I made a post about it, but no one seems to be answering it. It's fine though, since I know I should learn to be patient, I am asking a favour of a stranger after all...:chaika:

      Well, translation work is really easy actually. You don't really need to have the perfect Japanese. Just the basics of how to speak and conjugate it since people normally take the texts to translate and then correct the grammar afterwards to make it comprehensible. Do you watch anime too? (I hope it's not illegal to talk about anime rather than VNs here)

    3. PapaRabbi


      It's pretty late at night for a good chunk of the people here, just give it a while and you'll get responses :sachi:
      I'd really like to help translate a vn or something, maybe trying it will help me learn Japanese faster? Then once I get good enough at it, I'll never run out of things to read :kosame:

      Talking about anime is welcome too, as long as it's not in the wrong forum obviously :wahaha: but yeah I'm into anime for sure

    4. TrinityBree


      Oh, I would suggest to translate a VN you're really into. Because it can get pretty frustrating at times, :wafuu:

      Hmm, learn Japanese faster? Well, maybe it could help you improve Japanese a little, but you would have to at least know the all hira and katagana alphabets first... Which, I only know a few, sadly. I know how to speak more than write or read it... What anime are you into? My favourite is Hetalia! I know, I know it's overated but... I just really like it! I'm a little bit of a nerd... cause I enjoy history, but well um... isn't history fun for all? :Chocola:

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