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  1. I think Kara no Soujo would be a good one fitting your taste.
  2. I installed the game and ran the update in the game's directory and also ran it in Local Emulator (Japan -Admin) but with no luck, I get this message... Can anyone help me out???
  3. Thanks got it. How do u attach signature???
  4. AH! WELCOME!!! Even though I am newbie here I think our taste in Anime nd Manga matches. Hope we can share our interests here and get some good recommendations.
  5. Thanks everyone for their reply. I'll try out your techniques. BTW I have Genki (with the audio CD's).
  6. Does that mean that I won't be able to use any image in my hard drive??
  7. I know it's a silly question but I am not able to insert any image in my post. So please bear with me and reply to my silly question. (Preferably without any criticism or sarcasm)
  8. I already know the kana and want to know how to learn the kanji and the rest to read VN's quickly. I know that it takes time to learn anything, then also, can anyone tell me the shortest route???
  9. I have learned the kana. What should I do next??? (Please don't tell just to learn Kanji, but elaborate)
  10. Are they helpful, I mean you can understand the story???
  11. Try Kara no Shojo or G-String no Maou, then tell me if ur disappointed.
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