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  1. If you are able to, could you try it on an older windows OS? Months ago a few people have reported that text hooking no longer works for them on Windows 10. Sadly many text hookers don't get much support from the devs after their release. They need updates just like any other kind of software.
  2. That editor that you received, did it work? It'll save us a lot of time if we don't have to figure out the header/file signature for each script file. Also, when your group worked on the project years ago, did you guys manage to figure out how to edit the images in the game? Ideally we'll need to be able to edit them so that we can replace the Japanese with English.
  3. Hello, I've shown this thread to two people who have a little experience with modifying VN scripts. I'm not sure if they have the time or interest to help you with Popotan-Po, however I know where you can start looking. Online I found a MTL'd exec.dat file for the game, which looks like it belonged to your translation project. Thanks to that, I was able to play around with the file using a hex editor. I assume this file works with the game, because currently I don't have a copy of it. I don't know exactly what's causing your game to crash, but when my friends and I started worki
  4. I did not mention this since it happened only recently, but we were offered compensation in exchange for our services.
  5. If anyone has any suggestions regarding Tayutama 2, let us know and we will mention them to Hikari Field since we will work with them officially.
  6. So it looks like some time has passed since I've started this thread. What has happened since then was that HIKARI FIELD changed the English title back to Tayutama 2, and they pledged to improve the translation for the game. They have also reached out to us for some assistance, and we are happy to help. Considering that they are taking the English release seriously, we will not continue with developing an unofficial patch for the Japanese version. It hasn't been decided yet whether or not we will work with them, however with our discussions so far, this will likely be the case.
  7. You can watch the Tayutama 1 anime before reading Tayutama 2 if you'd like.
  8. From my experience the web host is supposed to remind you that your domain is about to expire. That's kind of why I imagined that they shut down their business. I don't know though, we'll have to wait and see.
  9. Actually we've noticed a day ago that Hikari Field's website had mysteriously closed down. We've also sent them an email a few days ago that mentioned we were working on translating it and that we would be open to helping them since they seemed to be struggling with translating it into English. We did not receive a reply. I'm beginning to think that one of the possibilities is that they've recently closed down. I'm also aware that no response does not mean it's okay release a fan translation. I guess only time will tell.
  10. *I initially posted this in the translation project archive by accident. Can somebody remove it for me? Thanks! Hello, We have recently started working on an English translation patch for Tayutama 2. We'd like to create this thread to introduce ourselves and to explain things while we continue to work on this patch. You can visit us at our website to learn more and discuss this project with us, or ask us here. Here are our members: SirHigginsXIX - That's myself; I am the script editor as well as the spokesman for Abyss Translations. @Aki96 - Translator, script editor and f
  11. Hello, I am working with aki96 on this project. Is there even a way of inserting sentences that are longer compared to the original Japanese text? While I am able to put English sentences in the _00 file with a hex editor and bypass the checksum to get the VN to read our translation, the VN crashes if our translation uses a different number of hexes compared to the original text. Meaning if we can't make our translations short enough, we might have to make up sentences that don't match the original text. Obviously this will impact the accuracy of our translation, but since there aren
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