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  1. I don't think it's so bad but more of a curiosity now that I have actually thought about it and thought about that said hentai from the cuckolds perspective on how he f3ls and why he takes the actions he does. I'm actually a jealous person in relationships so I can't see it from their perspective even though it is fantasy. That those thoughts or feelings should have come from somewhere, what spurred it on was it his inferiority complex or just something natural.
  2. Ah, I see. So it's like playing GTA, but then you wouldn't do any of that stuff in real life. I'm pretty sure I enjoyed all this in the past and it wouldn't even cross my mind when I was in relationships, but I never really thought too deeply into until just recently because before I had a stern mind that everything that happened in hentai is pure fiction and wouldn't be able to happen in real life but then I realized that there are couples who do cuckold and cheat in real life after their curiosity or desire gets the best of them ,re-reading netoraserare and doing some searches and now words
  3. I wouldn't really say i'm trying to defend cheating in real life, since i'm mostly faithful in my relationships and would also like my partner to be faithful, so I feel that to myself its a bit of a contradiction to have these types of fetishes which would make one feel insecure if it would happen to themselves. I also edited the main post a bit to get more to the point instead of going on about the symptoms of the protagonist in netoraserare and the possibility of that happening.
  4. I just made an account earlier for these thoughts thats been in my head for the the last few months. Let's say I like reading Netorare (or it should be called netori but it's from the netorare point of view) and playing those types of netori vns(and I don't mean netori where the protag steals the girl for a good cause but like one of those douche bags in NTR manga such as Shared Love) because the thought of dominating a housewife or married woman turns me on while I don't think ntr would be pleasant at all for myself in real life. It has been affecting my thoughts a bit especially when I
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