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  1. OK & i apologize for being a little off topic :).
  2. Can i say i love your profile pic awesome choice btw :).
  3. When you said" there are some things that are personal, i. e. privy to the general public" i have to completely agreed with you there it's so true :).
  4. To be honest i don't know to introduce or teach my family including my parents about my otakuness & i don't know how would i introduce them to anime & what anime i should show them but however if you're asking about my collection then i don't know what anime should i let them borrowed as 1 of the other ways to introduce to anime. But however i would never introduce them to hentai,hentai stuff or show them my hentai collection so far I'm keeping it secret from my family including my parents that I'm a hentai fan,i love hentai & i love hentai stuff & if you want to include my friends,girls & women then that's fine with me if you want me to & before you ask here is how much do they know about me & my collection. some of my family & some of my friends knows that I'm a gamer & I'm a Final Fantasy fan/huge fan AKA Final Fantasy nerd but however some of my family & some of my friends either don't know yet that I'm a otaku or how much of a otaku i really am,some of my family & some of my friends don't know yet that I'm a hentai fan,i love hentai & i love hentai stuff unless they check out my accounts including my facebook page/account. As for my collection some of my family & some of my friends knows about my regular collection but however some of my family & some of my friends don't know about my other collection yet luckily so far so like i said i don't know how to introduce them to anime+my otakuness anyway I'll leave it here or at least for now :).
  5. is it just me or did you get the line from 1 of my favorite movies irobot or 1 Pirates Of Caribbean movies
  6. I completely agreed with you & every gamers in general I.E like me you or anyone else on here have different taste in gaming & who knows you meet someone online or in public that might have same taste in gaming as some of us do :).
  7. When you said Gaming is for ALL genders i already know that & some series i was confused about & lol bet guys never or refuse to play barbie games on PS2 & other systems
  8. & before you say or think I'm hating on the series stop right there i admit I'm a bit confused because A the series looked fun a lot of fun & sounds like a good game & it looked like a good series to try & see if i love it or not & B what if i love any of the songs & what if any of the songs is 1 or more of my favorite songs is in the games sorry if this is dumb to ask I'm only just curios about the series. & if i end up loving the series or what if i love 1 or more of the games in the series & no I'm not insecure like i said I'm only just curios about the series & before any of you asked me i never tried the series before so i thought of asking all of you is the series just for girls & women or not from your opinions & of course from your experiences too as well. Thanks for reading & thanks for sharing your opinions & your experiences & thanks for your understanding & before any of you asked me yes I'm including the question what if i became/become a male fan of hatsune miku & hatsune miku series:).
  9. Thanks for sharing with us of what's going on or anything new of what's going on :).
  10. Dude that's so fucking awesome pardon my french & may i also say congratulations :).
  11. Can i say beautiful & beautiful room i might be too late to get into the genre of those beautiful games you own lol other then that i have to say it again i love your pics,beautiful pic & you have a beautiful room there thanks again for sharing your awesomeness :).
  12. This time I'll change the subject & asking you all out of all of your collections of them it doesn't matter what genre of these games & don't worry it doesn't matter if it's the classics or modern games I'm asking about your prized posessions of physical copies from your collection enjoy,have fun & if you want discussed about your favorites then that's fine with me & if you want to post pics,sceen shots,the pics of the case/box,post gameplays etc. then that's fine with me only if you wish to share yours enjoy :).
  13. True i completely agreed with you about what you mean & that question was meant a joke or as some of you might call it a joke question . & i apologize again if my joke is out of line.
  14. Thanks for sharing your extra tips,advice & thanks for sharing your experiences with me & thanks for understanding what i mean when I've thought of asking you all too as well :).
  15. I am acting my age & can i ask you from your experiences would you let your family including your parents or your friends see you during that love scene or as some cases H-scene when & if you're playing any of your favorite games :)? Before you ask about store clerks that's different story all together so I'Im only just asking about your friends & your family & lol i bet they're think your a perverted when you're not a pervert sorry if that joke is out of line i had to do the joke anyway thanks again for responding though :).