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  1. Well Norleas... it's okay not to feel empathy towards this kind of protagonist. That doesn't mean you aren't empathic, of course.

    Or should you feel empathy towards the gang in A Clockwork Orange? Their "antics" are displayed with a lot of detail, however. But it's also to augment the impact of the story.

    This kind of protagonist is pretty sociopathic, and sociopaths aren't exactly loved by society, nor do they have an easy time.

  2. Haha! It amuses me to no end how my little thread about Natsu no Kusari influenced several people to read it and enjoy it utterly (though I haven't read it myself, lol).

    That's what I call "butterfly effect"! One puny mad scientist drops the rock downhill, and chaos ensues! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  3. About the manga you mentioned, that's adolescent love I guess, and people quickly grow out of it and learn to have better relationships.

    About this thing of "it isn't necessary to be together with someone you aren't 'in love' with", you should check out Erich Fromm's "The art of love" (I think that's the English name), where he points out that in the past it was traditional to have arranged marriages in hopes that both partners learned to love and live together with each other, even if the crush of falling in love wasn't present.

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