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Status Updates posted by Arcadeotic

  1. That's one shiny new avatar picture

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    2. Narcosis
    3. Narcosis


      I'll be rebooting my old website of sorts, soon™

      This is the official Discord channel of sorts

    4. Arcadeotic
  2. Since people were oblivious to the absence of this week's update and don't check my Twitter feed where I update everything first, here:


    1. Narcosis


      Like it matters, go have some fun :holo:

    2. Arcadeotic


      Already did, since it was posted yesterday

    3. Narcosis


      Boy am I bad with reading comprehension :miyako:

  3. I'm bored so here we go

    I'm not sorry

    1. mitchhamilton


      youre too beautiful for our mortal souls, goshujin-sama. dont ever change. <3 :miyako:

    1. Narcosis


      All anime-to-game adaptations are shit, just like all vn's based on anime are shit, too :makina:

  4. Finished the Good Ending in VA-11 HALL-A

    This was such a pleasant surprise of a game

    Time for NG+: Make everyone hammered out of their asses and give Dorothy a happy ending

    1. Narcosis


      Good luck ' 3'

  5. The engine is now 100% along with the music track names although I intended not to translate them.

    Resource editing was really, really easy, actually.

    About damn time.

    1. Narcosis


      I still remember extracting the whole soundtrack after playing the trial; music was incredibly good.

    2. Arcadeotic


      Yeah, some of the tracks are amazingly good; definitely some of my favorite VN-tracks

  6. Prologue patch links are now obliterated, but once I'm done with the engine fully, I'll push an updated patch that actually translates the engine and interface fully and has a slightly more improved text all the way to the start of the first H-scene, but the quality isn't what it'll be in the end.

    I'm calling it the "Mistakes we're made and it wasn't pretty"-patch

    1. Nekolover


      That pun is criminal. 

  7. I'm slowly falling to madness because of this game's engine insists on me continuosly writing code to according to hex editing

    Why is this engine such a bitch?

    1. mitchhamilton


      because it makes the end prize so much sweeter.


      i know you can do this, goshujin-sama.

    2. Totodile


      If anyone can do it i know it's you,

      i think,


      i hope,

      plz send him some help

  8. 6H5ifksh.jpg

    1. mitchhamilton


      looking good, goshujin-sama.

    2. Narcosis


      >clicking stops speech

      That feeling, when you could use at least ten other iterations which are literary superior, but none of them fits within the available space :makina:

    3. Arcadeotic
  9. Today at Euphemic Translation I found this wonderful thing in the comments


  10. Did last polishing to the translation site and it should be good to go for a while

    Well, at least until BiMan1 releases

  11. Fun Fact: 'Euphemic' isn't actually a grammatical error of 'euphemismic', but instead a unofficial adjective form for 'euphemism'

    Just throwing that out there

  12. Done

    Now the site uses a brand-new theme and it should look more professional

    Header pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/AywJd

  13. I need to find a better theme for my worpress

  14. Today on Euphemic Translation:


    I. Don't. Fucking. Even.

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    2. Templarseeker


      Seriously?! :michiru:

    3. AaronIsCrunchy


      "average ejaculation volume"

      Lost my shit round about there.

    4. xx195x


      It is amazing that someone calculated that.

  15. I posted my RL face picture in the RL pic thread if you for some reason are interested or just want to see my face, which is not weird at all




  16. My Wordpress site just broke 10k viewers and is almost at 5k visitors

    Going pretty well, if I do say so myself

  17. Changed my avatar to something more... edgy, so to say

    Hope you enjoy it as much as I do

    1. Templarseeker


      Pretty cool new avatar! Reminds me of Corpse Party already!

      Looks pretty sinister!:mare:

    2. Arcadeotic



      I specifically went with that theme

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