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  1. Orcsoft Translation Project

    Thanks for telling me I will look into it. Given Quof's post it could happen again. I will say that I went through project threads and found the bare minimum to officially launch a project was a hacker who could both remove the Japanese scripts and insert an English one into the game which, again, I do have thanks to binaryfail. I should also mention once again that these are not particularly long projects so even a single translator should be able to finish one a lot faster than most of the titles being translated on this board at present.
  2. Orcsoft Translation Project

    I would have liked to announce after I had one or more translators on board but I struck out on the internet equivalent of cold calling (cold messaging?) so I decided to post in the hopes of reaching a wider potential audience. Instead of messaging people whose tastes I knew nothing about this way anyone who massages me will at least be interested. I don't think my pitch is too bad myself but we'll see.
  3. Orcsoft Translation Project Official Site: http://www.orcsoft.jp/ VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/p1873 Introduction The orcsoft translation project is, as the name might suggest, a project I am launching to translate some of orcsoft's titles. All of these titles are nukige of relatively short length featuring a number of different fetishes. These include but are not limited to: netorare, dark skin, gyaru, hypnotism and prostitution. Recruitment The long and short of it is we need more members, primarily translators. Given the short length of the titles they require less commitment in terms of time and are therefore excellent for translators just dipping their toes into the visual novel translation scene to get some much needed practice or more established translators with a little free time or looking for a brief break from their current projects and want to polish their h scene translation abilities. The team currently only consists of myself and binaryfail when he isn't too busy. If your interested in helping out contact me via PM or my email xx195x@gmail.com Titles currently being considered Kagachi-sama Onagusame Tatematsurimasu ~Netorare Mura Inya Hanashi~ Netorare (obviously), light bondage, corruption https://vndb.org/v10726 Teisoukannen ZERO ~Yariman Kazoku to Hame Kurui Natsuyasumi~ Art by famous doujinshi author Alice no Takarabako/Mizuryuu Kei featuring characters from one of his commercial manga series. https://vndb.org/v18279 Sei Yariman Gakuen Enkou Nikki Prostitution, Gyaru https://vndb.org/v8456 The Team Team name: Orcs and Goblins and Dwarfs! Oh my! Project Coordinator: xx195x Hacker: binaryfail Translator: Editor: xx195x Status This will be updated when things get going.
  4. What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?

    So I'm currently playing Fire Emblem Fates. I started on Birthright because playing that part after the other two would only highten the sense that it's a cake walk. I'm about twenty hours in and so far the obvious improvements over the previous game are mainly technical/game play wise. Among the positives the pair up system now functions differently so you can either pair one unit wth another so their stats increase and your protected from some enemy attacks or you have the units side by side and they attack with you increasing the damage so its a choice between attack or defence also the enemy can make use of this system now so it's more balanced and not as op. And everyone has feet now so that's good. On the down side I feel the story is somewhat lacking. After the action of the prologue style chapters and the interest of the choice which is the games central conceit the story slows to a crawl with most of it giving a little context to where your fighting followed by lots of rather mundane and somewhat banal character conversations which once or twice had been localized to the point of being cringe worthy. While it also features the constant introduction of new characters that is a common trait of the series they lack the range of background that previous titles posses with most being the royal family and their retainers, despite this some still posses rather interesting if under-utilised personalities. Again I must stress that I have been playing Birthright so any story complaints are limited to that version. Another issue and the only negative in the technical department is a less well defined map with no traversal, instead you simply select where you want to fight from a menu. This means that there is little to help illustrate where everything is on the map making it much less effective. Finally a note to anyone that hasn't started playing yet: while the difficulty can be dropped in game it cannot be raised, a fact which is not mentioned during the difficulty selection and made all the more glaring as the easy mode has been labeled as normal. All in all Birthright strikes me as boring despite the fire emblem pedigree which, as a fan, is extremely disappointing.
  5. Boring though it may be I'm from suburban melbourne in the fine state of Victoria in the increasingly less glorious country of Australia.
  6. If you manage to find a translator and need an extra editor I'd be happy to help, if not good luck.
  7. And on the off chance this gets us back on track and because some people have listed their top five I'll add: 2. Oku-sama wa Moto Yariman -Besluted- https://vndb.org/v11575 3. Sei Yariman Sisters ♥ Pakopako Nikki https://vndb.org/v14071 tie 4. Teisoukannen ZERO ~Yariman Kazoku to Hame Kurui Natsuyasumi~ https://vndb.org/v18279 tie 4. Kanojo wa Dare to demo Sex suru. https://vndb.org/v15562 5. Cara the Bloodlord https://vndb.org/v10249 I wonder if anyone sees a pattern emerging?
  8. Some of us like the freedom of the visual novel format to tell stories that can't be told anywhere else, some of us like sex scenes to demonstrate how the characters have gotten closer during the course of the story and even titillate us a little and some of us just want something out right sexy that caters to a particular fetish. This thread not surprisingly is about the latter of these things. So the topic is pretty clear what nukige would you most like to see translated into english? Mine is: Sei Yariman Gakuen Enkou Nikki https://vndb.org/v8456
  9. 1) Handle: xx195x 2) Positions you can fill: Editor, QC/Proofreader 3) Types of projects preferred: While I will work on anything genre wise I would prefer nukige and titles of mid to shorter length. 4) Availability: I have a great deal of free time and am presently available to work. 5) VNs most interested in producing an ftl for: Honestly I would like to do some nukige in genres that aren't regularly catered for (particularly commercially) in the english community but do exist within the broader Japanese industry like gyaru and stronger NTR titles. 6) Motivation for joining in on ftl: Broadly I play a wide variety of games but what nine out of ten have in common is that they are text heavy so I do enjoy that in games. More specifically I enjoy visual novels and, having a great deal of free time as mentioned above, would like to give back to the community, in a manner not merely financial, and in doing so give myself something to do that also relates to my interests. It also helps that one of my few skills is critiquing, tweaking and correcting other people's work despite being almost unable to formulate anything of my own. 7) Conditions: While I can and will put myself through just about anything I would prefer scat and explicit yaoi in as small amounts as possible, a little is fine especially if it is plot related but excessive amounts may be more than I can bear. Contact: Contact me via email at: xx195x@gmail.com