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  1. Upcoming Video Games: News, Trailers and More

    So anyone have an opinion about the rumour of kingdom hearts 2.9?
  2. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    I'm replaying final fantasy dissidia 012 at the moment after that i'll probably go back to play final fantasy VI
  3. 'sup guys

    thanks for the moe Flutterz btw love the kud in your profile
  4. Hey guys

    welcome to the forums
  5. Sekien no Inganock- VN Reading Club, August

    picked Eien no Aselia since it looked interesting
  6. For all the Art Fans, Rah Development Speed up Video!

    8 that image looks badass
  7. looking really forward to the finished project guys even if i have to wait a little longer
  8. 'sup guys

    mine is probably majikoi it's hilarious
  9. 'sup guys

    Hey guys i'm a newbie here at the fuwanovel forums but anyway i hope to get along with you and one question what would you say is your favorite visual novel right now?
  10. Majikoi S Translation Project Discussion

    after playing S I remembered why i loved the original for its hilarious characters and story
  11. Hey guys

    nice to meet you i'm also new btw B)
  12. Just wanted to say thank you for patching miu's route, since she was the main reason i started this game