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  1. What visual novel do you think is underrated?

    https://vndb.org/v7795 Feel good, light, intrinsically comical due to the situation, and alpacas. Who doesn't love alpacas? It was a good "one-day VN," and it probably has a more interesting story than most of the Pulltop games.
  2. Kancolle Kantai collection

    nope. (nice profile pic btw ^.^)
  3. Kancolle Kantai collection

    RNG-sama is a cruel mistress.
  4. Kancolle Kantai collection

    EVERYTHING. Oh, and I cri.... too many LSC's for Shioi but only kongou and fusou class ships.... ;_;
  5. Kancolle Kantai collection

    Need..... more..... furniture coins..... (yes, I love buying furniture on kancolle)
  6. Kancolle Kantai collection

    hmmmm not sure, I just got her as an extra while LSC'ing for other ships. I assume the minimum recipe is enough but not sure........
  7. Yoł

    what? another kaga!? *brain implodes after an intense retrospection on my identity as a carrier* anyhow, welcome!
  8. Anime that Inspire you to Do Good Things

    Couple of animes moved me a lot, but I can't recall any that really changed me. However, there is one manga that changed me positively and that is Onani Master Kurosawa. I know the title is ridiculous but this made me think about my life and what to do. http://mangafox.me/manga/onani_master_kurosawa/
  9. Kancolle Kantai collection

    yay I Kai ni'ed Prinz~ ^^
  10. VNs with an amazing soundtrack

  11. VN - Comedy, Romance, School, Slice Of Life or Music

    Clannad or Little Busters although they do have a bit of supernatural elements.
  12. Fuwa Korean Learners?

    안녕하십니까? I would like to join this group... I was born in Korea but immigrated to Canada and lived longer there. I can speak relatively fluently and read, although my vocabulary isn't as refined and academic (not the best writer in terms of spacing and spelling though). However, I feel as if I am slowly forgetting them and I would like to brush up on my Korean using this opportunity ^^. If you know some Japanese, it's even better since the two languages have extremely similar grammar, just different words, and they will produce a positive synergy.
  13. I'd like something heartwarming

    Well, imo interjecting comedy is necessary to create the mundane/everyday atmosphere which contrasts with and highlights the drama/heartwarming scenes.... I recommend Clannad or Little Busters. Planetarian ~Chisana Hoshi no Yume~, Symphonic Rain, and Hoshizora no Memoria are decent too under such category.
  14. Kancolle Kantai collection

    Hayasui is a good girl ^^ I love her clothes
  15. Kancolle Kantai collection

    Oh my. 70 buckets.... Well gratz!