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  1. The VN community here in Brazil is pretty small,however there´s one or two ongoing translation projects and a couple of completely translated visual novels such as Saya no Uta,Planetarian,Shuffle! and Narcissu.
  2. Woah,at this rate Sango´s route will be completed next week.
  3. Damn i have been lurking in the shadows watching this thread since page 1,barely posted here but still...I´m going to miss it
  4. The guys from RPS wrote a review too. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/09/15/hatoful-boyfriend-review/
  5. What the actual fuck. People do that all the time,it´s perfectly normal.
  6. False. Next person has bought more games than they have time to play on steam.
  7. False,i know some people who are though... Next person knows that flat = justice.
  8. 21% in 8 weeks is amazing,probably one of the fastest translations i have ever seen.
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