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  1. Muv luv unlimited normal ending

    3) Takeru's endgame speech, translated below. I had a dream. A dream of people living innocently, without knowing the meaning of peace. I had a dream. A dream of people risking their lives and living for the sake of protecting something. I think...only God knows which it was. But I still ask myself...was there something I could've done? I wonder, was that why I came to this world in the first place? If this was my unavoidable destiny, then what exactly was I to this world? Sad partings...the fate of humanity...and my own... I still wonder if I could've changed them. If I'd had a strong will to protect what I was meant to protect...from the start... Then maybe there was something only I could've done. I think there was. So...so... At the very least...I'll live on...and try to protect everything. I want to survive and protect this planet everyone gave up on. I think I can do that. The people left behind...the feelings left behind...the people I love... I'll protect them all with my life. I should be able to do something. There must be something. Humanity won't lose. I'll never lose. Because...I'm here... Because...I'm...still here... EDIT: Sorry forgot you meant the exact scene. Its just the child asking whats that and the mom saying its the earth and your dad is fighting there and blaa blaa. Can not remember clearly. Almost 2 years since i play last time
  2. Sadly I only have the Shinku & Mare wallscroll from preordering Irotoridori no sekai and Irotoridori no mirai + the book package. Haven't use it tho... got a girlfriend now and I don't think she appreciate naked lolies on the wall :/
  3. Visual Novel/Anime OP Translations

    Good news everyone! I have discovered the Oniichan sharing opening subtitles. I can not say they are 120% correct, but I tried my best. Here is link to download it.https://www.dropbox.com/s/aaql03189yqmo1a/opening.rar?dl=0
  4. I noticed after the OP the game window stays white and movie window does the same. If you close the movie window it fixed the problem for me.
  5. Visual Novel/Anime OP Translations

    Translation took like few hours because got stuck in few silly sentences, trying to find right words. I did do like 10h+ typesetting and that makes me quite sad that i lost the file...
  6. Visual Novel/Anime OP Translations

    Too bad I lost my translation I have done about Oniichan Sharing.... I translated and made the subtitles for many many hours, but seems like all is lost
  7. VN Reader Chinese to English question

    There is some good tranlators from Chinese to english, but for god sake dont use google or bing translators.... Too bad i cannot remember the chinese translator website anymore....
  8. Who's Your Favorite Final Fantasy Character?

    Hmm... has to be Aerith from FF7. Maybe it was because of the music
  9. I don't remember where I found the torrent, but I have the torrent file. This version I can confirm it works and also it has good speed. Hope this helps http://puu.sh/8N53x.rar
  10. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    Seems like lots of people here. (13 at the moment), but I just wanted to announce that I am also one of those who are waiting for Miyako route, but not as much as some of you guys here. Good luck with tl project and hang in there Miyako fans
  11. How can we buy R18 VNs or VN goods?

    Sure they do sell stuff, but its really OVERPRICED. You can get stuff from Japan via mail proxy like 30% cheaper and also mailed to you faster.
  12. How can we buy R18 VNs or VN goods?

    Don't know that much about laws of USA, but atleast in Finland I was able to buy R18 VN and goods and it was delivered by Yokatta shopping with EMS shipping. Once I was taxed for it and goods were inspected but got no problems with that. Importing VN and VN goods shouldn't really be a problem, right? I have only heard that Canada has strict laws against loli stuff and R18 anime things.