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  1. Riiiight, I think it was more what you told about the anime that made me feel I shouldn't watch it. Subtle differences. :3 Anyway, managed to catch up on some more of my watch-to list over the last week (including a bit of binging over the weekend) and none of it was trash! How weird. So, a very positive surprise was I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying, a comedy short about a young marriage between an otaku and a normie. You wouldn't expect an anime with 3 minute, gag-filled episodes to have much substance, but damn, it's such an on-point portrayal of young adult relationshi
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  2. Late to inform this, but better late than never. Anyway all 139 script files for Mizuha's route were fully translated, which obviously mean all of her route including all of her 10 sex scenes were translated. That said while obviously this is a big steps to get Mizuha's patch, the work is still not over yet because the translator decided to do some do over on the scripts before editing it. Also the translator decided to get some rest before translating Yuzuki's route (And yes he basically decided to translate Yuzuki's route) seeing that Mizuha's route here is quite long and has a number of cha
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