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Mr. Meogii's First Recognition Post. hi-onion-head-emoticon.gif?1292862508

Hello Guys :D ! Meogii here, bringing you your ever so loved members' highlight. Today we will be zoning in on Suikashoujo. She has been a member of our community for almost a year now and it pains me to see that the majority of us do not yet know what she's been up to. She enjoys singing, so much so that she has taken it upon herself to make song covers to go along with her music. I don't know about you, but I don't think I'd ever find enough courage to allow other people to listen to me sing.depressed2-onion-head-emoticon.gif?1292862499 Be it in real life or over the Internet, such a feat requires confidence - something I'm sure Suikashoujo has in her great and pleasurable singing. Down below you'll find her latest video so if you like it, be sure to check out her channel for more awesomeness. From the community and myself, we wish you all the best regarding your future works. good-luck-onion-head-emoticon.gif?1292862506

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube....GMm-XabSB6VXgrA

Latest Video:



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I have a friend who can play the piano very very well. Can she get recognized too ?

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