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Threads you should check out - Week #13




The following list only contains threads made from June 06 to June 13, any older thread will be placed under the "Updated" banner if new relevant content is added to it.

If you don't know how the list works, please check the project


The way we categorize the threads has been reworked to be easier for us to do so. With this you guys can also just look for the category you're interested in and ignore the others if you only frequent a specific section of the forums. The project thread will be updated as soon as I stop being too lazy to rewrite the wall of text.

Visual Novel Discussion

  • Is there professional criticism of VNs in Japan? (Link)
  • Frontwing's New Game - Hatsuru Koto Naki Mirai Yori (Link)
  • 10 Common VN trobleshootings and some specific games trobleshootings (Link)
  • Cheap Visual Novels! (Link)
  • Have you already played VNs with your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife? (Link)
  • In Reality Visual Novel (Link)
  • Ragnarok: Believe Visual Novel (Link)
  • Nekopara Vol. 0 Coming Out On Comiket 88 (Link)
  • Boyfriend Stealer Kickstarter (Link)
  • Discuss: Visual Novel Direction (Link)
  • What Makes a Bad Fan Translation? (Link)
  • Are Lolis in Eroge illegal in the US? (Link)
  • Digital shops for Japanese-language eroge (digital downloads) (Link)‚Äč

Development Boards

  • A fan translation of Dies Irae battle scene 2 (Link)
  • Black Sands Entertainment is looking for Partners (Link)
  • Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient English Patch (Link)
  • The Human Reignition Project [OELVN] [Demo Soon] (Link)
  • [steam Greenlight] Orion: Sci-Fi VN (Link)

Other Discussion

  • China Bans Anime (Link)
  • UNIEL (Link)
  • Ori and the Blind Forest (Link)
  • Give Me Your Worst (Link)

Blog Post

  • New Covers From 5/30/15-6/7/15 (Link)
  • 01. Mystery (Summary) (Link)
  • Fuwa's Lovely Ms. Suikashoujo (Link)
  • Dualtail introduces new anti-gaijin measures with Venus Blood Hypno (Link)

Staff Announcement

  • [PSA] Change in default theme (Link)
  • [PSA] You can now link your Steam username in your profile information (Link)
  • Quick Update: Nohman, Eclipsed, Beato, Ren, Stray Cat, Board Mods, and moar! (Link)

Fuwanovel Community

  • Go Thread - for beginners and advanced players (Link)
  • "Here at Fuwanovel" (Link)
  • Very Important Message Regarding Purchases from Akiba + Shipping -OriginalRen (Link) (!)


  • Graffiti Giveaway Game! (Link)

(!) - While this thread should have been part of next week's list, I think putting it here should help Ren get his questions answered faster, as well as getting the winners of his games/giveaways to understand the current situation of their prizes' shipment.Th


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