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Sakura Brothel Review



As for this week review since we have Musumaker partial patch released in which it's at 56% translated along with the release of Sakura MMO 3 back at 7th, I decided to combined both title so we have 'Sakura Brothel' as this week VNTS Review. As for the Sakura part it's pretty much self explanatory, while for the 'Brothel' part it's from Musumaker in which our MC was happened to inherit the orphanage that turned out to be the brothel when the MC must train the small girls that into a fine prostitute (Don't be fooled by the sweet cover of Musumaker, because the sex content of that VN was quite hardcore (Not as extreme as euphoria though)). Anyway welcome to this week VNTS Review and the main feature of this week is the updates from both of Nekonyan and Sol Press along with usual fan translation updates. We also have a releaseS, although it's a nukige and some partials though so it's obviously not a big release. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

From Sekai we have their fourth secret project that was apparently will featured catgirls again was at 60% translated and edited, and Nekonin 3 was at 92% translated and edited. We also have JAST announced their exact release date for Mamono Musume, in which it'll be at July 3rd later. Safe to say that they put their effort in the projects that didn't took my interest here, but at least JAST did started to giving the routine updates so I guess that's something.

As for the release from fan translation, it's this nukige in that we'll going to have our MC who somehow suffered a curse in that the MC (Hideki) can only drink the breast milk and to get rid the curse he must ejaculate (I assume that the curse will come periodically). Fortunately that his sister in law (Sayaka) was more than ready to provide the mean of the breast milk and a way to get rid of the curse because she was grateful for Hideki (Sayaka was taken care by Hideki when she's being pregnant and Hideki's older brother was being dead), so Hideki didn't need to suffer from the curse for very long. And you better not to think about this seriously other than you supposed to enjoy the sex scenes between Hideki and Sayaka, and doubly so if you have lactation fetish. Speaking about nukige, we have Taimainin Asagi Zero did released their 70% translated patch back at May 26th, so at least it mean that we already have Asagi Zero was at 70% translated.

For this week progress roundup, we have Eustia was at 71.27% translated (Eris's Chapter was at 3.52% translated) along with past halfway (50.27%) edited, Miotsukushi Omote was past three quarter (77%) ported to the PC, Loverable was at 65.96% edited, 3,825 lines of Pure x Connect are edited, and Watamasu was at 89% translated. Also for the reminder we have Musumaker 56% patch released, which mean that at least we have Musumaker was at 56% translated in which it's been a while since we see the progress for that. For the last release, we have Gore Screaming Show new partial released in which it's also retranslated the day two of that VN as well so good for them that the project is still ongoing.

This week we also have PQube announced some less known VN (Raging Loop) in that Lemnisca will take care of the translation side, and that apparently it's quite good seeing that it's already got average score at 8.20 from 30 votes which to say is quite good (Most of the votes were at 8). As for the premise, our capable MC (Haruaki) was break off with his girlfriend and he traveled alone to forget her, and he came to a mysterious village in that he was killed by a mystical wolf at his first night. Of course Haruaki was turned back to the time before he killed instead of permanently dead, and that he find out the village did have a secret namely some of the villagers are the wolf spirit that ready to kill the rest of the villagers. So the villagers job is to find out whose the wolf among them and executed the false villager, and seeing no other choice Haruaki decided to join the villagers to find the wolf spirit and hopefully find out the way out of the village. As for the technical aspect, apparently the seiyuu are mostly newbie and that they'll release it for console only (Although perhaps they may have Steam release plan in the future).

For the roundup of the progress, we have both of Sol Press and Nekonyan did compile their progress. From Sol Press, we have Onikiss was at 88% translated along with 85% edited, Nukitashi was at 8% translated, the translation for Mirai Radio was about to start, Kimiaogi's QA was in progress, and the translation for Himawari no Kioku was already started. They also have two secret projects that were already fully translated and edited, although seeing that they also involved in light novel I'm still uncertain whether those two projects were VNs or not (At least until they announce it at AX later if possible). From Nekonyan seeing that Aokana was almost finished with 95% translated along with 70% edited and 5% QC-ed, it's certain that this'll be their next release (They even say that at this tweet) so I'll look forward to the time of the release in which it's probably at this year if all goes well. For the rest of Nekonyan's project, we have Hello Lady was at 40% translated, Senren Banka was at at quarter translated and edited, and Makeover was at 40% translated and edited.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Recommended Comments

I guess we may see real Sakura Brothel in the future seeing that Winged Cloud manage to release Sakura Cupid in which it's my VNTS Review here, although they may struggle with that though. As for Sakura VNs series, what I learn is that as long as there's adjective or nouns words then it's possible to make a new Sakura VN (Although Winged Cloud imagination for the stories here wouldn't be as much as the idea for the title though).

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