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Kaptita en Alia Mondo Review

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Since we have Amrilato release that focused on Esperanto language lesson and that our female MC did get trapped in anther world that have Esperanto as the man language, I decided to just using the literal translation Trapped in Another World trope in Esperanto here so we have 'Kaptita en Alia Mondo' as this week VNTS Review. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and while today we have Noraneko release my focus here would be more on Nekonyan updates along with Amrilato release (I'll try to talk about Noraneko at the next week VNTS Review). What I can say abut this week here would be slightly calm compared to the last week, simply because there's no updates from Sol Press and no new VN announcement. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

For fan translation roundup, we have Eustia was at 71.42% translated with Eustia's chapter was at 4.56% translated, Loverable was at 67.08%, and Rhapsody's append and NG+ contents was at 80% translated (Along with some ongoing progress such as menu image work, Chapter 2 TLC and editing, and terminology translation). We have a release from fan translation here, although the release in question is a nukige though in which apparently it's the sequel of a NTR nukige that was released back at December 23rd (I already forgot about it). Speaking about nukige, we also have Cherry Blossom Kiss did release their own nukige in which it tell us about on how both of Shingen Takeda and Uesugi Kenshin are female and that both of them fall in love with the same person (By the way back at Sengoku Rance only Kenshin that was female). Well go get those two nukige if you interested with that and have fun, and by the way those two didn't featured loli heroines although you may didn't like NTR one though.

Once again we have Mangagamer did have Amrilato release, and once again since they released a VN it mean that they already planned a release at the next month. The release in question is Minagoroshi in which it'll be released at July 18th, so it mean that finally we can have Higurashi's penultimate arc voiced with PS3 graphics. Back to Amrilato, as for the premise we have our female MC Rin suddenly stuck in a world when everyone only fluent in Esperanto. Obviously Rin is in panic seeing that she can't communicate thanks to the language barrier, until she met with a cute girl with the name Ruka who can speak Japanese a bit. From there, both of them teach their own language in order to have better communication. Also curiously Amrilato here is banned by Steam, which to say was quite ridiculous seeing that it's all age VN and that it's also doubled as education VN for Esperanto language. Seeing that I can only guess that perhaps the staffs did have something against Esperanto there, so hopefully next time Valve can standardized Steam's censorship. You can still get it from Mangagamer's store though, so get Amrilato from them if you interested and have fun.

Back at last Saturday we finally have Nekonyan decided to use Kickstarter in order to fund their physical copy of Aokana, and they'll launched it on Tuesday. While it's quite an important news in that Nekonyan was finally decided to use crowdfund after saying that they'll try their best to not use it, the more important news to me was that Nekonyan will release Aokana digital version one month after KS ended and the KS itself will going for 42 days, so at most we can speculate that we'll have KS final day at July 30th and Aokana release at August 30th (I'll still keep my eyes on the KS though). While the dates is sounds plausible, for now it's only speculation though so it might be change in the future. Speaking about announcement, we have an info that apparently Nekonyan did have more well known title although currently they decided to hold back the announcements though until they halfway finished with the work. And apparently one of those was already almost finished so that Nekonyan announced that they'll have release it at December later, so obviously we must wait until December (If all goes well) to know what's the release (Duh).

For the rest of the updates from Nekonyan, we have Hello Lady estimate release time was delayed to late Q3, Senren release was already decided at September, and Makeover release was decided at early Q4 later. While for now I still think that it's too early to be sure about the release time, at least we have a new guide and that they may be able to do it now that they already released four VNs. There's also Melty Moment matter, in that apparently the project is troubled seeing that they lost the translator of this. Although apparently they already got a way to deal with that considering that they'll give us the update about it, so let's wait and see here.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - As for Amrilato's censorship, one can only speculate that the early bath scene there was the reason on why Steam did ban Amrilato, which to say was somehow understandable seeing that even Pulltop who's been infamous for overseas release was asked to do further censorship for Steam release. Also yeah once again Valve really need to be more consistent with their censorship seeing that some of the games in Steam library did have bath scene, and we even have both of Evenicle and Kyonyuu Fantasy on Steam (Those two VNs are have a lot of sex scenes for the reminder).

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