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Some explanations about my current state



Some people here already know that I hurt my knee falling down the stairs a while ago... what most of you don't know is that the stuff they have me on (non-narcotic pain drugs, sleep pills, and antibiotics) in combination make me a zombie for most of the day... I sleep around twelve hours a day, am fuzzy for two to three hours more, have to do rehab exercises for another two hours, and I spend around four hours of what is remaining working. 

Needless to say, this doesn't leave much time for anything else... which is why VN of the Month is so far behind.  Normally, by this point I would have played through at least four or five of the month's VNs, and I would probably be considering which one - if any - was worth the VN of the month rating... as it is, it has taken me a little over seventeen days to finish just two VNs from April's releases. 

I'm basically venting my frustration right now... since I lose money with every day I can't work at full capacity and I go a little more stir crazy with every day I can't go out and get some fresh air without using crutches.  For the first time in almost nine years, I actually had to use up my entire pay for a month for bills and food  (the medical bills being the highest, obviously). 

Needless to say, I'm in a sour mood.

If I seem harsh toward the remaining VNs this month, please forgive me.  It is really, really hard to concentrate outside of work right now... and I'm actually having to reconsider a lot of my plans for the rest of the year based on the costs I project for the rest of the next few months.  Nothing pisses me off more than being unable to rectify everyday money problems (which is why I work so much normally)....

Anyway, that's enough moaning from me for now.  The two key points are that the above are the reasons VN of the Month is so far behind and I so rarely post, despite the fact that I'm technically 'online' (I rarely if ever shut down the fuwanovel tab, lol) all the time.  If I'm slow to respond, it is because I'm not myself, not because I'm not interested in doing so.


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Well, I think I'm understand if you feeling not so well, and if I might offer obvious advice you definitely should be careful next time you stepped down from stairs. To be honest I couldn't offer any good word here other than the cliche hope you get well soon, Clephas.

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Cheer up friend. I know how you feel, two years ago I had an accident while working(as a student because i was only 18) on a construction site and a broken beam which had a nail stcking out of it hit my thigh and pierced it trough till it reached my thigh bone and broke it(Most unfortunate is that the flat half went through my leg so it left quite a wide hole). I had to take off 1 months of school and 5 months of work. I had to take the same medications like you and I felt like I wasn't even half awake 5 hours after getting out of bed.

Don't worry after a few months it's gonna be just a battle scar that you gonna be proud of recovering from it.

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Guest 2lazy4it


after you get well, make sure you burn that stairs and use a lift next time lol

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