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Guess the Anime game

Tief Blau

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Well, with that much hints, I can guess...

It's Gokudo.

But shouldn't the hand go to Kendjin, since he knows and I only got it because of the *do clue?

I purposely used the end to try and avoid giving hints. I'm ok with you taking the win on this one.

I'll avoid posting anything if I'm not "guessing" in future. :P

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You fell into my trap 8)

No it's not, but please go watch Chihayafuru, it's awesome.

Haha damn, I should have known, artwork looked wrong, karuta threw me off :P/>/>

If its one of the precure, it would be Dokidoki! PreCure. I could be wrong, might be smile. Only seen the odd episode.

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What? I always thought there was only one PreCure.... :(/>

Haha, no there are tons of them! There are 9 different series so far, and a new one airing each year. PreCure is just the global license.

This one is indeed Dokidoki Precure, the currently airing one.

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Somehow I knew there would be a trap.

So, let's see, what kind of anime could do that. I'm tenacious you know. I'm really going to investigate everything AIC studio did since 2010 until I find something that fits and that I did not see.

edit: Weeeell I lied, I'm not tenacious at all. So I'll wild guess Acchi Kocchi, and go to bed.

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