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Guess the Anime game

Tief Blau

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I've seen other forums do this, so we should do the same.
The rules are simple, you post a screencap of an anime, and we guess the show/movie.
Try not to use really obscure screencaps.

Please don't use google image search, it ruins the game.

Winner gets a point, and gets to pick the next screencap.
If someone can't guess it in say 1 week, then submit more screencaps (up to the discretion of the submitter when to submit more).

I'll go first


1st: Kendjin - 17 points
2nd: Down - 15 points
3rd: Eldin - 11 points

Clannad Fan - 11 points
Ryoji - 8 points
Mikel - 7 points
Luch - 6 points
Redgrave - 6 points
Secchan - 4 points
VN-Angel - 4 points

Wolfscythe - 3 points

Tief Blau - 3 points
Beato - 3 points
alden_0023 - 2 points
Solidbatman - 2 points

Nayleen - 1 point

Hexa - 1 point
Sparkker - 1 points
WhisperByte - 1 points
Fujimoto Takahashi - 1 points
Snowtsuku - 1 points
Azaki - 1 points
Eurobeatz - 1 points
iLegend - 1 points

(Ties are determined by activity)

Updated Nov 9 2013

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I think we should put an age-limit to anime in question as it will be really hard to guess too old animes.

How about a limit of 2001 ?

I think

"Try not to use really obscure screencaps."

should be enough, some old anime are not hard to figure out. Plus old anime often have very recognizable art to compensate.

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