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White Album protagonist sucks!


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So, I've been looking for a good romance anime and I happen to pass by White Album 2. The story was very good. But it hasn't ended in the anime apparently. Luckily, I have found a good review of the Closing Chapter of its Visual Novel counter part and I loved how the story has played out for both heroines.


I was hoping to find another good one since I also finished Clannad's anime and its really amazing and then I remembered, "oh I haven't watched White Album yet I watched White Album 2". So I started watching it. For starters, i have only watched the first 13 episodes and haven't watched the second season just yet.


When I was watching the first episodes, my impression is "oh, really.. right". In other words, it was a maa.. maa.. anime. When I got into the half of it, the protagonist, Touya, showed some really disturbing act where he doesn't even know how Yuki feels. And to the point where he had to cheat on her. If I were the man out there, I wouldn't have fallen for such a cliched seduction. I can only sigh while watching the show. Then he got all moody with his senpai to the point where he confessed that he had feelings with her just to be rejected. Oh man, I really wanted to punch the guy and he made it even worse by having illicit relationship with Yuki's manager to the point of having sex in his apartment. Just how much an asshole could he be?


And now that Rina told him about the letter Yuki wrote for him, he got all emotional?! Argh it's so vexing. Why didn't he believe in her? Why did he fall into those seductions? Why can't he understand her?


So, I hope you'll help me get motivated in watching the second season, for those who have finished the anime and also for those who have finished it's VN. Is it really worth it for its second season? Will it be open ended like the first 13 episodes or will it end on a closing note? Please help me get motivated on this. I could have not watched the last episodes but I tried just because I think that it could be saved, well at least for me.


Tell me your thoughts about it. Thanks

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Yea, haruki is frequently bashed as an adult with the brains of a middle schooler, he's basically made to be immature and indecisive. Had the plot been a little more realistic, he'd be netorared long ago, i mean seriously, the author's forcing both girls to go after him, heck even Gatsby had a lot more appeal. So, WA2 fanboys are gonna kill me, but the vn is seriously overrated.

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