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Fuwan All Girls' fic: the rebootening


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Way back when, Kaguya decided to start writing a yuri fic with IRC members as the characters. He didn't keep this up for very long.
Let's face it, the world needs more yuri fics. As such, I have decided to reboot this effort myself. I say reboot for a reason: the kind of writing I prefer (or have any skill in?) is vastly different to Kaguya's LN style, and I'll probably take it in a much more serious direction. With that said, some things shall remain constant: the characters' personalities and names will be drawn from the pool Kaguya gathered if at all possible (which will probably be quite a constraint). Aaeru is no longer the protag.
Criticism fairly welcome. I shall provide at least three (3) installments over time, with response determining if I write any more. I make no guarantees when it comes to timeliness.
---Part 1---
The heavy cast-iron gates through the outer walls of Fuwan All Girls' School were ornate to a near ridiculous degree.

I'd love to start this all off on a dramatic note, forcefully shoving them open with both arms accompanied by a vengeful scream and a distant clap of thunder. Regrettably, the gates were already wide-open.

That said, I could give the hushed, empty three-sided courtyard a few points for drama. Not a soul, though this early in the morning that was to be expected. I caught myself starting to hum under my breath as I walked toward the right wing's (rather grand) entrance. I stopped myself as soon as I realized it. I had come this early for a reason.

Fuwan All Girls' (the fact that this spells out FAG has, indeed, amused me a quite few times) oozed old money out of every pore. That said, the place didn't require wearing an official uniform, which set it apart from others of its kind. There was an official uniform, though, and most students chose to wear it. Not doing so marked you as somewhat of a free spirit... which was exactly what I wanted to say with my light green skirt and white blouse.

I took care to make as little noise as possible as I made my way up the shallow concentric stone steps leading up to the door. As expected, the door was ajar.

I breathed a sigh of relief. Quietly.

A faint tange of lemony detergent rose from the marble floor as I teased open the (surprisingly well-oiled) door. Thankfully the exceptionally tasteful red carpet running through the middle of each passage would muffle my steps. In these echoing halls, making even the slightest noise could lead to being discovered by a patrolling guard. That would be Bad.

Speaking of patrols, there actually weren't any going through the wings at this time of the day. Most of them would still be sleeping at the guard station in the main building, but the few that actually did the morning shift had notoriously keen ears. I hoped to hell I wouldn't get into a coughing fit. Or cough at all. Or... you get the point.

Thankfully, I didn't have to walk that far down the long corridor, which was surrounded on both sides by inconveniently anonymous doors. Sixth to the right... there it was. I could see a flickering light through the sides of the door. Keeping to tradition, I see.

I stretched my arm out as far as I dared, and turned the handle with some difficulty. The three girls inside, sitting around a candle in a windowless room, blinked at the sudden light. Then they gave me welcoming smiles.

I took one careful step onto the marble floor (shitshitshit this never gets any easier), entered the chamber, closed the door, and sat down next to the rightmost girl, putting my head on her shoulder.

In the absence of men, which there were absolutely none of anywhere near the school, women tend to realize they're quite a bit higher up the Kinsey scale than they had thought. I was no exception.

"Mayu, you're waaaarm", I mumbled. I was about ready to pass out, relief washing over me as I let go of all my tension at once.

I slid my right arm around her side and pulled her a bit towards me.

"Hey, Yuri", she said softly as she started ruffling my hair, "are you sleepy?"

"Yeah. Very."

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^Now you're making me feel like including a link to a completely random h-scene as bonus material. Then again, that would imply having to write an h-scene...


...maybe I could steal the text from sonohana?

Don't censor this zaka. People need H-scenes in everything, no matter how poorly written. It's about keeping the integrity of the original work, even if the H-scene makes little sense in context and serves no purpose advancing your story. The people require it. 

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