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Girlfriend (Kari) | Girl Friend BETA


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Girlfriend (Kari)
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Release: October of 2014
Info: The official website for the social romance simulation game Girlfriend (Kari) (Girl Friend BETA) announced on Wednesday that a television anime adaptation has been green-lit. More details will be unveiled at the anime's production announcement press conference, which will be held at the Akihabara UDX Theater in Tokyo. The cast will also make an appearance at the conference, and the website promises the announce the "extravagant cast of voices" in the coming days.
Description: Not Available Yet.

Which 2D girl would you go for? One girl, gentlemen.

Cast, info.
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Hmmm, interesting.

By having a detailed look at everyone, I'd choose Mutsumi Shigino, she seems adorable, eating that watermelon. :3 I'm a sucker for that, and pal, those short twintails are so hnnnnng.


EDIT: Why are there dates above them? And why are all of them in August?

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I'm curious about how they're going to adapt this really. I mean it's a mobile game, there's no actual story as far as I know.

I'll definintely give it a try though, so many popular voice actresses voiced this app's characters.


I kind of want to try the app but I already tried too many of these types of games (not something to be proud of)

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Anime seems intersesting seems like next seasons will be good seasons as well.


As for the gf question

none of the above.


Still can't decide between;



Fate testerossa

Lafiel (crest of the stars)

Aoi (ai yori aoshi)

hanako (katwa no shoujo)


Maybey i should just start a harem............

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