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Torrent cleanup


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I've been here for some time now (it's not that often that I have time to post on the forums) and I'd like to start a little cleanup of Fuwa torrents. 

As some of you may know I take care of the seedbox and as I can see there is a lot of double torrents for the same VN (usually different patches).

Also  there are torrents that have a problem with the tracker or with themself (not working correctly). 

I think it's a good idea to clean things up since the site is growing and since I have a lot of free time right now (I have a plaster shoe on me) I could do it 



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Seems like a good idea. Minorly related, but I heard a complaint about the A Profile torrent having H disabled by default and it has to be patched in or something? Might want to change that, idk.


Iirc the guy to talk to about releases is Kendjin, but i think you knew that already?

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I mostly control the newer releases after stepping down due to illness about 6 months ago.


Once I came back I took up the mantle again of uploading. I will check who has access to Dale's Seedbox, as I do not, if I did, I'd go and clean it out ;)


EDIT: Also Dale, I am happy for you to go ahead removing any torrents you believe to be in duplicate or are no longer relevant.


But if you do, I will need a list, due to having to remove any mentions from fuwanovel site or hosting locations of the torrent.

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