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  1. IMHHW ADVplayer help?

    Did you run the game in japanese locale? This happens sometimes when it's set to english and the game will progess till the scene in the screenshot.
  2. Katahane "problem"

    Usually there is a sepereate file that holds the read text information (try finding it). Also it usually is in the save folder but that may be different... I don't have a possibility to check at the moment.
  3. Data recovery will be tough as hell. you can try to boot the computer from a Windows PE and run testdisk (easier to put the hdd in a different machine). My advice is to change the settings to skip unread text and finish it once again on skip.
  4. Seedbox down

    Hi, The seedbox will be down for a few days. I had a little emergency and a few servers got wasted. I'll get it back online as soon as it'll be possible.
  5. Dragon age inquisition

    hmm... I'll most probably will play it and I hope that it won't be the same as with Dragon Age 2 which I didn't like.
  6. That's true for a client with a GUI, I use a text based client that runs as a deamon on a seed box.
  7. I download 1080p anime for various websites/torrents. It's a pain for my HDDs but still when watching on a 100" screen 1080 it's is a must. What I can buy I buy.
  8. odd... I swapped saved files from XP to W7 and then W8... only XP was 32bit... probably the location is incorrect
  9. Fuwa offline (irl) meeting

    I was away for a few days (some shithead stole my laptop) and I have 7 pages to read throuh ;> From the whole conversation I can tell that many of you would attend but the problem is money (like always), and I'm mean transport fees. I did a similar event in the past and we raised money from sponsors. It was much easier since we had a legal entity at that time. Still I don't know where it would be better to do it US or Europ... Personally I'm in favor of Europe but it should depend on where more people are. I'll need to check how much would it cost to charter a plane from the US to Europe but without numbers it'll be hard. As for Europe it shouldn't be that hard to calculate the cost since there are a lot of cheap flights available (bus it not an option) As for the other issues... you're socially awkward... if you'd meet people that like the same as you you'd get over it time.. that's an issue for every one... but if we had the money you'd be able to find time I'll check the options for sponsorship... I think the budget (if we include transport cost) would be 100000€ or more and this would be a pain in the ass to gather that kind of money... I need to think about it.
  10. VN in Fantasy Settings

    Kamidori also has game play but it's still nice ;> Also you can try Aiyoku no Eustia but only one route is translated for now (at least to my knoledge)
  11. Fuwa offline (irl) meeting

    Hi, I was wandering if anyone would be insterested in a offline meeting of Fuwa community? I know it's a big pain in the ass to get people from around the world to gather at one place but it usually is a lot of fun.
  12. Hi, I'll apply... Since I'm usually online that wouldn't be a problem.
  13. VN in Fantasy Settings

    you can try Kamidori Alchemy Meister or Sengoku Rance... that's what pops up in my mind without my VN list...